Rubber Guard Police pt.1

Ok this gent has posted some of his variations of rubber guard. If you can explain to me what he does wrong, you’re an official rubber guard cop!

Mission Control

7 Responses to “Rubber Guard Police pt.1”

  1. cameron says:

    he put the hand down 1th be for he got to mission control

  2. ch says:

    yeah, he kinda did the zombie before the mission control.

  3. RAUL PONCE says:

    The rubber guard law says:

    1. Break the posture
    2. Mission Control
    3. Zombie

  4. Cray says:

    Also hes not doing wrist to ankle.

  5. Dave "Edwin's Twin" says:

    He’s going straight into New York, not mission control. His Zombie movement could work on someone with very bad posture who just falls foward for no reason. It might work if he pulled him forward with his legs at the same time.

    In his last example when he breaks his buddy down, his partner gives him hand-to-the-mat. So he’s not in mission control which makes the name of his video wrong.

  6. Erik Wahlberg says:

    No need to call out the mistakes as everyone else already did. Why would anyone want to post this crap? I’m embarassed for him.

  7. James Chow says:

    Also, when he goes to pick him up, he says to keep the rubber guard. Fair enough if you’re in a tournament, but if this is for MMA training, you should always let go if they pick you up.