The No Hand Guard Pass

4 Responses to “The No Hand Guard Pass”

  1. ian says:

    i already commented on this video on the actual youtube page

  2. Ari Bolden says:


    I read your comment. I find that I can do the pass on a variety of experience levels the way I did it. Now, I read your comment, do you find this increases the chance to pass even more. Does this smashing of the face with the shoulder keep them pinned more? I’m all about adding to my game and taking tweaks from my peers!

    Thanks bro!

  3. Lazy Jits says:

    Nice vid Ari. After 2 years of killing almost everyone at the gym via my lock-down game, a couple guys have figured this pass out on their own and are giving me some grief. It’s good though. It’s forcing me to get better at taking the overhook, working my stomps and transitioning to butterfly or pyramid. This pass is solid.