Side Ctrl Escape to the D’arce/M’arce

Here’s my boy Chris showing a slick way of getting to the D’arce choke from a shitty position like side control. Nice and slick, I’m going to drill this.

10 responses to “Side Ctrl Escape to the D’arce/M’arce”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    We actually using it off a failed 25 cent now, works better. Much higher percentage of success.

  2. Nice. Been using it for a while. I also use a very similar D’Arce from when someone knee slices into a guard pass. Same mechanics. Jeff Glover taught it to me at Legends a couple years ago. Post a vid of the failed 25 cent yo!

  3. (failed 25 cent to darce)

  4. PacificFlows says:

    this is sick.

  5. Chris Herzog says:

    Brandon, I love the D’arce when someone tries the knee over(Torpedo pass) especially when the have the underhook!!!

    I’ll update this vid soon with the failed $.25

  6. Chris Herzog says:

    I also use it when someone tries to pass my butterfly guard or pyramid If I’m too slow to hit the Carni.

    Depending how I feel I’ll stay with the D’arce or just continue to spin right up into sprawl control. If I’m rolling with one of my montster (250+) I’ll take the top position =). To hard to wrap the D’arce around those bulls.

  7. Mikey C says:

    Hope you don’t get crossfaced doing this move cause it seems like your arm should be protecting against that.

  8. Chris Herzog says:

    As long as I can create space,get my underhooks and start the leg swing,the cross face won’t matter.