Eddie Bravo on: MMA Mount, Punching and the S Mount

Eddie Bravo talks about punching from the mount in MMA and how to take the S mount arm bar into the Spider Web position.

6 responses to “Eddie Bravo on: MMA Mount, Punching and the S Mount”

  1. Erik says:

    Guys, I’ve got a controversial opinion here.

    I’ve always felt it is a psychological error in Jiu Jitsu to think of the Spiderweb position.

    I feel the mount and armbar positions should lead to submission, the finish, rather than to a position. If I have S-Mount on somebody, I intend to stay tight and finish them!

    If I have S-Mount and transition to Spiderweb, I am valuing position over submission. While there are times where we must feel position before submission, I believe we are climbing down the positional ladder by transitioning from S-Mount to Spiderweb.

    In the typical S-Mount, the opponent cannot clasp his hands to defend the armbar. If I transition to Spiderweb, I have given my opponent the opportunity to clasp his hands and defend.

    Also, at the end of the video we see Eddie talk about the situation where you are bucked forward. After this situation I feel it is sometimes a mistake to choose the transition Swim Move -> Spiderweb. If you have a deep hook on the forearm when bucked forward in S-Mount, you should have a super tight armbar that you finish face-down.

  2. Saskatchewan Jones says:

    I think this is a case by case position, as generally all things in jiu jitsu are. Fedor actually used to use this stuff alot, check out his very early fights in rings and the like. Yes Position BEFORE submission, but this doesn’t limit us to position over submission. You have got to take chances in this game, and this is the perfect way to tie up an arm and pound, or set up gogo’s/omo’s, triangles, or the armbar as shown, depending on your preference, or set up. So enough of my rambling on as I tend to do: High level jiu jitsu demands set ups, and a chess game, and I see this as perfect positioning to always keep your opponent guessing, and a great way to manipulate them into whatever you so choose to.

  3. kevin says:

    erik i agree with how you think the s mount should lead to finishing the armbar quickly, but this is not always nessecary directly from the s-mount…

    yes you can get the armbar straight from s-mount but as you start going against higher level jiu jitsu players they are gonna see that commin and defend the arm… and you will need to go to spiderweb and execute one of the many effective grip breaks

  4. Alder Hampel says:

    I hear that, but i feel more comfy going to spider web and finishing from there.

  5. Erik says:

    I forgot to bring up what I think of as the psychological part.

    Calling it Spiderweb “”Position”” leads to complacency since it is a “”Position”” rather than a submission. It is more appropriate to describe “spiderweb position” as one of the successive points of an Armbar.

  6. Matt Hurpees says:

    I see what you are saying, but Spider Web also leads to other submissions (arm crush, chamber lock, set up to triangle). From what i understand about the “Position” is that it prevents your opponent from escaping by getting to their knees or rolling over the opposite shoulder (hitchhiking out which is what you do when you can’t clasp your hands together in the first place). So, in that sense it is a position. Alternatively, if it was allowed in MMA, you could use your heel and drop bombs on your opponents face while in spider web.