RGPD: The Lockdown

For those who don’t know about the RGPD, it stands for the Rubber Guard Police Department. We here at 10th Planet Watch would like to give you a brief history of it’s inception. The RGPD was founded in 2008, by the legendary, Coach Alder Hampel. It was his dream to one day weed out all the terrible youtube videos showing his beloved 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu techniques, done incorrectly. He utilized his special formula called the “On Blast” method. This consisted of a combination of sarcasm, wit, and brutality to deter people from posting wack videos.

Alder rallied his friends from www.10thplanetwatch.com, to help aid in the fight. Thus, the alliance was formed, and the RGPD was born! The Rubber War was waged. This time the battle fields were on the message boards and the mats of pig headed BJJ dojos. Vicious battles ensued, egos were crushed and a new breed of educated, reasonable Jiu Jitsu players emerged.

Long live the RGPD

19 responses to “RGPD: The Lockdown”

  1. Howard says:

    As a white belt in the 10th Planet system I can’t really say much. But it’s crazy how he can just do a whip up and be on top. No Old School no plan B just a whip up huh? I really like that gym looks like a 24 hour fitness with a big mat.

  2. JayC says:

    He was going “okay” until he thought he’d attempt a sweep that would never work.

  3. ian says:

    what the fuck was that?

  4. Chris Herzog says:

    Alder I want an immediate promotion in the RGPD! I want to be head of the SWAT TEAM. I want the authority to execute Search and Seizure warrants, so we can go in and confiscate video cameras from all the idiots that feel its necessary to post videos on the internet.

    That is all.

  5. Lazy Jits says:

    You would think that the sweep executed in this video would never work in real life but there was one detail in this video never mentioned in any 10th Planet Book executed here by these, clearly genius grapplers; that is the exclamation of the word “boom!” at the precise moment that the sweep was attempted. If you practice this spontaneous utterance and manage to proclaim it at just the right moment, you no longer need to actually perform a legitimate sweep Most of us however fail to get the timing right and either say the word “boom!” too early or clearly too late and thus are forced to work for other options such as Old School or Plan B.

  6. Dave says:

    I don’t know, I thought everything in this video looked great with the exception of the regrettably passe glass blocks in the background.

  7. Noah Karbach says:

    No way you guys this sweep totally works!

    If youre rolling with a limp noodle…

    i mean come on get serious. Anyone with the righ tammount of respect for the system should leave the posting to the guys who know what theyre talking about.

  8. PacifcFlows says:

    I think they left out the crucial part of that sweep where you pay the guy before the match to let it work.

  9. Erik says:

    I like how I got five minutes of explanation on how to cross my ankles to get lockdown and then three seconds of explanation on that gorgeous sweep he did. How will I ever understand your magic, magic man?

  10. Kim says:

    Yeah, I think the “boom” might just be the missing link to really make this sweep work.

  11. Debacle says:

    Look! You pusses wouldn’t know solid jitz if it splattered you in the face like a money shot. Which is what this sweep is baby, “money” cash it in straight to slo triangle and he’s tappin like Gregory Hines. Perfect tech, slick setup. I would have tapped from the calf cutter …and so would Eddie. And your all just jealous.

  12. Dan Hunt says:

    Ha! This video… awesome!

  13. BOOOOOM!!!

    Just like that!

  14. Panchito Manuelo says:

    The evolution of the evolution baby!!! hahahahahaha

  15. Chris Harrison says:

    Wow this is better then the boa and half suplex. Man can’t wait to show B Quick this one.


  16. Romple G says:

    ^^^ WTF. Noah Karbach gave himslef a brown belt.

  17. Romple G says:

    There is a guy named Noah Karbach in Fort Wayne Indiana who claims he is 10th planet and gave himself a brown belt. You want to cry check out his site: http://summitcitysubmissions.com/

  18. Noah Karbach says:

    I have never claimed to be affiliated with tenth planet just a supporter. My site even says that. I have never claimed a tenth planet belt let alone brown. I have trained online with brandon and been to aris seminar and he’s sen me use the system. I am a guy who is passionate about the system and bjj in general and have trained for a long time. If you would like to talk contact me via email. Thank you Noah.