Rubber Guard: East Coast When Opponent Stands

4 Responses to “Rubber Guard: East Coast When Opponent Stands”

  1. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Thanks for posting this. Often when someone stands I just pull off the double ankle sweep (which works like a charm, usually, and we even drill it to ensure we are effective at it)…

    I’d MUCH prefer to sweep them into the an east coast crock or Spiderweb, though. Is there any suggestions as to how you utlize the leverage you have to toss the guy over. I’m not so good at that.



    PS: Bought “Fade to Black” and love it. Brandon’s poor demo partner got throttled, though. I can see why he had a sore neck!

  2. Sweet!!! Glad you like F2B!! Hope Alder does a review on here for it…*wink*

  3. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Yes, it really is good. My best “student” (I use the term loosely as we are both white belts) and I have both pulled off the Apollo in sparring vs bigger opponents. I use the “Flo” escape/ arm triangle move a lot, too…but most of my success has come from the escape part (which is very cool!).

    Thanks again for a great DVD and if you can – next time – not so many logos screens before the main menu. Since they can’t be bypassed it is kind of a drag :)

    But again, thanks. 10th Plant rules and all you guys on here are a huge help and motivation.