10th Planet Apologizes For Wasting Your Time. **Gracie Combatives**

apparently we here at 10th planet have just been wasting your time, and hard earned money trying to teach you our system. Here’s the ONLY thing you need. Next time I go into a business meeting, with my Gracie Combative Tools, I’ll be more prepared knowing I can tap out my associate.

taken down due to it wouldn’t stop playing automatically here’s the link

45 Responses to “10th Planet Apologizes For Wasting Your Time. **Gracie Combatives**”

  1. Lazy Jits says:

    I used to weigh 340lbs and got my ass kicked every day after work. Then I bought the Gracie Combative DVDs and my life changed. Now I’m a lean and mean 175lbs, I tap bitches out every day after work, and Eddie if you’re listening, I’m gonna oma plata your ass next! All this for only $19.99. Call now!

  2. Ian says:

    Was this on TV???

  3. josh says:

    there still are allot of people that haven’t heard of bjj or take it.

    the gracies sure know how to make money all day!

    we get the scraps ;[

    al bundy should be 10th planet dammit!

  4. jn says:

    To be honest, against an untrained opponent, chances are you would only need a handful of the basic white belt techniques they are pushing to win/survive/escape. The problem with what they are doing, though, is that someone who doesn’t train grappling consistently probably isn’t going to be able to execute properly in a life and death scenario.

    Even with the fundamentals, there are tons of subtleties that can only be picked up with practice and good training. Just like boxing and other martial arts, there is no magic punch.

    Bottom line, it looks like they aren’t getting as much money now that everyone and their brother runs a jiujitsu school, so they want to bring some of the cash back home.

  5. kim says:

    I wonder if you can keep that free fight chart in your car to refer to when is a crisis?

  6. kim says:

    also at the beginning…”what would you do?”….ah…stay in my car, lol

  7. Jesus Christ says:

    Have the Gracies ever blasted on 10th Planet? No…….? Then why is 10th Planet blasting on the Gracies? Later on, when there’s full-scale HATE between the two systems, let it be known that 10th Planet started it.

  8. JKDFIGHTER says:

    Actually, the Gracies have blasted everyone, for many years, that are not directly in their family or training directly with them as not being pure and not being as effective or efficient as Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

  9. i jiu jitsu’d this guy at work, and then i got the big contract and promotion, and no one messes with me any more

  10. Cliff says:

    It sucks to see that we’ve brought ourselves down to the same level as the trolls that hate on 10th Planet.

  11. Ian says:

    Was this on the bloob tube (tv)???

  12. JayC says:

    No, Cliff. When the Gracies bash us, they are really SERIOUS about it. Anyone who knows Alder knows that he is a comedian, and this is just a laugh! Well, a bit.

  13. Jesus Christ says:

    Yeah, I totally agree that the Gracies have commercialized the hell out of BJJ and it’s getting ridiculous….like this lame infomercial….but, I think 10th Planet should remain classy and just sit back, smirk, and watch the family embarrass themselves. Let’s avoid mudslinging, 10th Planet. We (fans included) are better than that.

  14. Kimbo Slice says:

    Another one of their lame “commercialization” gimmicks is the gracie university. (www.gracieuniversity.com)Its online training and belt ranking type of garbage. I sure hope nobody else will do this….*ahem*10th planet*ahem*cough*

  15. Ian says:

    “watch the family embarrass themselves”

    You mean Roger, Renzo, Kron, Cesar, Carlos Jr., Kyra, etc..??

  16. Ian says:

    Was.. this… on… TV?? lol..

  17. Jesus Christ says:

    What I meant was: embarrass themselves by making these silly infomercials.

    I mean Rorion, Rener, Ryron, etc.

    Stupid Ian. You die now. You die slow. You die and you go to hell.

  18. Royler Gracie says:

    What about “10th planet combatives”?

  19. Jeppe says:

    Is it just me who wonders how dislocating your opponents what-ever fixes anything? What if they are more than one or you are in a bar with shards of glass and syringes and turds on the floor? You might want to try punching or something.

  20. Some Guy says:


    Yes, but what if you have osteoporosis and you can’t punch anything because your hand will shatter into a million pieces? What if the guy you punched has metal plating underneath his face? What if his brain was wired to a bomb that would detonate if he was knocked out? What if the man dodged your punch and you end up hitting your grandmother who was standing behind him? WHAT IF???!
    Is it just me who wonders….?

  21. Ian says:

    “You die slow.”

    As long as i get this in writing!

  22. Ian says:

    “syringes and on the floor”

    You know, I have actually heard this argument for about 8 years now. It just keeps coming up!
    Yet, in my many, many adult years, I don’t think I have once *ever* seen a syringe on the floor.
    Yet, this same point keeps coming up!

    This is one of those arguments that make you go, mmmmm?

  23. Rhyno says:

    I always see ayringes on the floor at the bars I go to. How else am I suppose to get quarter beers???? If u don’t see any syringes expect to pay atleast 4 dollars.

  24. Cliff says:

    Jay, I know it’s a joke but Alder has to be resonsible for the content on this site and how it reflects on the system and its’ practitioners. Price of fame baby.

  25. Karl says:

    I work at a Montessori School run by senior citizen bureaucrats. Everyone can make me so mad, but then I said, “You know what? I could tap out those old men AND those children.”

  26. Sagat says:

    The first thing I do when I get in a fight I think about Armbarring the guy hahahaha NO are you kidding me – TIGER UPPERCUT!!!

  27. Rener Gracie says:

    I love 10th planet jiu jitsu and all you guys. If U give me some lessons about rubber guard i return to U some lessons about making lots of money. Keep it real!

  28. alder says:

    I’m a satirical jokesmith, that’s all. I’m not hating on the Gracies, hey they gotta get their hustle on. At the same time, I have to get my clown on. I also make fun of the sham-wow and the life alert commercials. I’m just putting it out there, the Gracies MADE this commercial, not me. I just posted it.

    If 10th Planet does this one day, I’ll laugh at it too.

  29. Kimbo Slice says:

    How come you’re not laughing at 10th Planet online belt ranking?


  30. Debacle says:

    Anyone without a sense of humor or with a god complex is not meant for 10th planet. Somehow I feel Eddie would have my back on this one.

  31. Alder Hampel says:

    Kimbo – Hopefully we see an awesome informercial for our online ranking system. Congrats on getting on this seasons TUF btw.

  32. Tux says:

    I see a new parody commercial in Alder’s future.

    “Yeah! Now whut! Whut!?!?”

  33. Tux says:

    Make sure to include the allsum Slo-Mo and bionic sounds!

  34. 007jiujitsu says:

    lol with a name like lazy jits im sure you will :)

  35. Ian says:

    Just saw it on TV..

  36. TriangleChoker says:

    Rener is only using it because it’s included in the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Master Cycle. Probably Where 10th Planet Learned it to begin with. So stop being
    immature and show some respect. I have NEVER heard of the Gracies dropping to
    this level of childishness. Everyone says the Gracies are the Kindest people they have ever met.

  37. TriangleChoker says:

    by the way…I do like eddie and I think His game is tight. I just get tired
    of hearing this argument everytime a technique looks remotely similar to the 10th Planet Stuff. Ya KNow.

  38. Bjj says:

    Who gives a shit about all this ….at the end of the day if you love jui jitsu and you wana learn it , Whats the problem? I cant see why 10th Planet feel the need to rip the back out of the gracies. At the end of the day, They have dedicated their lives to BJJ too!!!!.