10th planet jiu 10th DFW Levi Mowles

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  1. Debacle says:

    I can’t overcome the jealousy I feel when I watch Levi. I was was sharpening my skills on the sega genesis at his age, cause the taekwondo I took just got my ass whooped. Wasted childhood. Cause everyone knows how jj can change your life, then, if your lucky, you stumble on to tenth planet and your life changes again. Whats Levi going to regret? Being a jui jitsu rockstar? Maybe he would have rather mainstreamed his life through college to a career he hates and a low interest mortgage. But, unfortunately, he ended up growing up on tha spearpoint of grappling evolution. What if he wants to be a lawyer, or a banker? You are robbing him of the “what could of bins” I put myself through as I watch his transition from twister side through calfcrank from the truck. With fluidity of base and style too. He’s going to miss out on all the insecurities getting picked on through highschool or getting rejected by girls only because of lack of confidence or getting arrested in parking lots for possession because there ain’t shit else to do. Anyway, you see were im going with this. Training hard at jui jitsu is great and I can’t see anything negative from starting young. Props
    I can hear Brandon giving calm sound coaching, but who keeps on yelling “twister side” relentlessly. Sometimes it takes a minute to set up.

  2. Levi is a beast of a kid. He is going to be a phenom if he sticks with it! His dream is to fight MMA. At 14 he just quit football telling his parents,”I only have 4 years left to train before my first fight.” His head-n-arm choke game is on point like crazy, he plays double bagger in competition and his half guard is off the chain as well.

    Check out the other vids on his mom’s page and mine….you will laugh that he competes intermediate and teens absolute with only 10 months training. I have another kid Layne who is Levi’s training partner and is crazy sick off his back and with leg locks who competes at expert. His parents just dont video as much as Levi’s.

  3. Dave says:

    Jesus Christ, in what kind of tournament is a compression lock legal for kids? That’s even more astounding than the opponent’s socks.

  4. Jesus Christ says:

    Did somebody call me?

    Also, Debacle, don’t write when you’re baked as fuk. You start rambling.

  5. Erik says:


  6. Debacle says:

    Fuck you Jesus. Who died and made you God?… Wait

  7. Jason says:

    Umm…kid straight up just busted out The Truck. I’m impressed.