Eddie Bravo Videos: Where did they go?

Ari, you forgot to mention all the ALDER videos that will still be available (in theory). Of course this will only happen as soon as I get off my lazy ass and in front of the camera. But I’m really camera shy and kinda a douche bag, so I wouldn’t want to misrepresent the system, so maybe not. But none the less, you should ALWAYS mention me in your future videos.

Oh and btw, I’m taking down my youtube vids too. I’ll be moving 10thplanetwatch.com over to www10thPlanetjj.com as well. I’ll keep everybody posted.

2 Responses to “Eddie Bravo Videos: Where did they go?”

  1. Dave says:

    Ari, where did you get your animated intro? That looks amazing.

  2. Angry Guy says:

    Did you bastards ever think about all the people who have many of Eddie’s videos in their “Favorites” list on YouTube? Thanks for wiping out half of my “Favorites” list, you bastards.

    Besides, your site is not even up………………