Eddie Bravo On 10th Planet Ranking

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Eddie Bravo:
When the ranking section is ready to be launched, this is how it will work. For those of you that are not enrolled in an official 10th Planet school, you will need to post on your 10th Planet profile 10 competition wins on video with a 10th Planet patch on your shorts in every match(you can have other school patches too). Plus 5 10th Planet technique videos. 1 of all the half guard u know, 1 of all the rg u know, 1 of all the twister u know, 1 of all the deep hook transitions u know, and 1 of all the passes u know, all unedited in one swoop. You gotta show me how much you know without looking at notes. Then you get a promotion, either blue, purple or brown. Every promotion no matter what color will require the same 15 videos. Naturally the 5 technique videos will be critiqued alot harder for a purple than a blue, or for a brown than a purple. 10th Planet head instructors that are non black belts can only rank their students to blue. All Nibiru warriors that enrolled in official 10th Planet schools that are run by non black belts that want to get their purple or brown must be first recommended by their instructor and then submit 5 technique videos to this site. 1 of all the half guard u know, 1 of all the rg u know, 1 of all the twister u know, 1 of all the deep hook transitions u know, and 1 of all the passes u know, all unedited in one swoop. You gotta show me how much you know without looking at notes. Easy right?? :)

If you don’t have a patch on your shorts then just flash the 10th Planet gang sign into the camera before or after your match. It’s easy, right hand pointing down, left hand making an “O” with the thumb on top. That will be enough for me :)

25 Responses to “Eddie Bravo On 10th Planet Ranking”

  1. dwight roux says:

    eddie your killing me, look at my vids still no rank

  2. dwight roux says:

    10th planet blue belts definetly have solid game.

  3. Nibru Johnny says:

    Who’s dick do I gotta suck to get a blue belt?

  4. Xbreak says:

    10 competition wins? Thats a joke, right?

  5. KeepItReal says:

    Online rankings via video taping techniques and wins? Brandon Quick got a raw deal. Ranks should be earned on the mat in class.

  6. KeepItReal says:

    Quick should go compete in the local grappling shows and submit his video. No reason he shouldn’t be promoted to Brown by Eddie now.

  7. KeepItReal says:

    And what happened to 10th planet omaha? Why aren’t they on the locations portion of the web. Hopefully, that dude can submit his videos soon.

  8. dwight roux says:

    No doubt, quick got an easy deal. I would wreck that fool. I noticed in his dvd that his moves did not look black. And why should they?

    Those moves were his own weren’t they, from himself from all his battles …….

    What battles? I am not too sure. The moves are great but he fails to get a tap in alot of his demos even when the oponent is not resisting.

    The dvd is great as the technique has merit, but the person showing it needs to rep those moves himself to become proficient.

  9. KeepItReal says:

    Online ranking? I’ma stop blowing this post up after this (maybe) but dam… online ranking. This sounds like an ad for the University of Phoenix.

    And Quick didn’t get an easy deal. He’s not with 10th planet anymore. They boot that fool but then they set up some online ranking. If you can do it all on line, they should have kept him arround. It’s not like anyone can vouch for the character of the random people submitting their videos for rank. Is there a testing fee for those who do it online?

    Yawl will have to excuse my rants. As a current student, I just think this is crazy. Stupid sh!t like this is a prime example of why we get hated on. I only used Quick as another example. No disrespect to anyone intended. I obviously feel passionately about the system. It seems like we may be focusing more on 10th planet as an organization than a system. If we focus on perfecting are technique the best we can, the rest will take care of itself.


  10. Regiyah says:


    Though I agree that more people are going to be hating more that there is online ranking, did you read the requirements? Theyre pretty frickin steep man. 10 competition wins?!? I think thats to insure that nobody questions Eddie for ranking someone online. Just like how Eddie chose Denny as his first BB….Dudes won a bunch of major tourneys. Thats why nobody can hate. Also even if you send in your shit it still doesnt mean your going to get anything. I imagine if your not up to par Eddie would tell you what you need to work on to get that belt. Feel me?!?

  11. jarniej says:

    Regiyah makes a good point. These are just requirements to get looked at… Doesn’t mean you’ll get a belt just becaue you sent them in. If your ten wins are over obvious tools then you probably won’t get much play

  12. Xbreak says:

    If that 10 wins is serious, then hes not really serious about online ranking…which is fine. I do recall a bunch of 10th P folks giving those Gracie boys all kinds of shit about online ranking… now where did they go?

  13. 10th Planet Fan says:

    Here I am!

  14. daniel says:

    Marcelo Garcia is going to online ranking as well.

  15. dustedNdisgusted says:

    10thPlanet gang sign :D foreeldoughmang!!

  16. B Brown says:

    Belts Shmelts, If being a 10th Planet blue belt means kicking the crap out of another school’s purple and maybe some brown’s then awesome, And If you want more then a blue then the steps are outlined, I could care less about my belt color and more about the knowledge gained, stop whining about your belt color, If you want belts go join a Karate Dojo, or start winning and show what you know.

  17. Lyoto Machida says:

    I’m a black belt in Karate! Karate Dojos rule!

  18. Shogun Rua says:

    Fuck you, Machida! I was robbed!

  19. KeepItReal says:

    I was able to infer a good point from B Brown. Belts mean alot of different things to different people. The end of it is that a belt only covers 2 inches of your a$$. I would wager that the majority of people who study bjj have never competed. In thinking this through alittle more, I would bet that only 30% of the people who have competed do so on a regular basis. If the majority of people who study bjj don’t compete, what’s the best way to see what they know?

    I read a post somewhere that if belts measured ability people would have to give them back once their health declined. That dude may have been right. The concept that belts measure ability may be flawed. Perhaps people should stress knowledge as the benchmark? The question still remains of how to measure that. Is it rolling on the mats? Ability to teach it? success in competition? probability that the person could defend themself in a street fight (after all this bjj thing wasn’t started for sport). I can think of a couple people who have great understanding of the “concepts” of bjj but wouldn’t be considered a “super star” on the mats. If winning in competition is the measure, then do we need to qualify who the wins are over? Over who long of a time period of competing? 7 years? 10years? Since people are gonna adapt bjj to their person body, styles, prefrences, etc… is this something that should be done more on an individual basis. If so, then what is the best means of measuring. Is character a factor, how do we really know all the people in class? What makes you think you know me? bc you know my first and last name? you know where i work? you’ve been out to the bar with me and chick?

    It all boils down to who the instructor/ org is and what the feel is a good mearsuring stick. What they feel has value?

    To B Brown, thank you for the post. It certainly gave me a few things to think about.

  20. Advice Guy says:

    Buddy, you need to rethink your life because you spend waaay too much time online…

  21. Lyoto Machida says:


  22. dwight roux says:

    I wanted a belt bad, and now I just want to be the best. I think it is easier to win a gold medal than to get a belt. (from 10th planet no-one) and then maybe get a belt………….