10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, the future faces of women’s MMA

Here’s a nice article about 10th Plant Omaha.

“Chief instructor and owner, Derek Stewart leads the jiu-jitsu session as the students attentively listen … just like we did before, but in a much tighter ball, half-guard here, control the distance…

Sitting on the mat, the class observes Stewart. Between the men are two familiar faces at the dojo, Courtney Smith and Lea Lopez. Young in age, but not to the sport, the girls are getting ready for another tournament where they have been bracketed against the opposite sex.

In the past decade a handful of women have made mixed martial arts a possibility, but the barriers are still there. Debi Purcell, founding mother of fightergirls.com, has spent the past decade educating both sexes that women can fight and are here to stay. As Purcell states on the website…”

For the rest of the article go to LINK

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