Eddie Bravo Has Fucked Coach Alder Over!!!!

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Ok, well this title is a bit dramatic, but I wanted to let you know that the new Mastering the Twister” DVD is out. You may be asking yourself, well why does that fuck you over Alder? We’ll I’ve made a career on beating people up with the twister, and now you get to see all of the secrets in this DVD. This is the video counter part to the book that was released a few years ago. I suggest if you liked that, definitely pick up the DVD. You’ll be able to see how everything flows together, and the details that you couldn’t pick up from just looking at pictures on a page.

My students might be thinking, “HA, I’ve got you now!” but I say, you need to be putting in mad reps if you want to catch up with me. I will however have to work harder now to get the Twister, but I guess I had it pretty good for a long time. Also, I will admit, it is going to bring quite a bit of attention to a move that until now, was kind of a sleeper in bjj. It was popular for a while, but then people kind of forgot about it. Now, most people usually equate 10th Planet with rubber guard. When I think of it, I think twister, it just works into my game better.

You might be asking yourself who’s this Alder character, and why should I care what you say. Fair enough, but if you see UFC guys like the Korean Zombie, Vinny Magalheas and Alan Belcher all praising this move, then maybe that’ll add more weight to it.

Coach Alder Hampel

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UFC Nottingham: Hardy vs. Sadollah today! **10th Planet Van Nuys Backstory! **

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Dan Hardy is not new to myself, or 10th Planet Van Nuys. I had the pleasure of being his Jiu Jitsu Coach in his title fight versus Georges St. Pierre. It was at that point, the highlight of my MMA coaching career. Being able to have the honor of being a part of something that big, a title shot against one of the biggest draws in the sport, was indescribable. The coverage was crazy, Dan was doing interview after interview, photo shoots, appearances, and not to mention the camera’s followed up around everywhere. The UFC was doing a 24/7 type reality T.V. show leading up to the fight. The schedule was packed from sun up, to sun down, but when when could fit it in, we did like to get a bit of training in too!

The whole story itself is crazy. We trained all over the place, Matt Serra’s 2 gyms, LA Boxing in New Jersey, Ray Longo’s in Long Island, and Joe Defranco’s just to name a few. We even trained at this decrepit, old wrestling gym where many great NJ amateur champions had wrestled. The place had no heat and it was freezing cold, it was filthy, it was wet, it was falling apart and it made a great photo opportunity! I was miserable, my joints hurt, I was covered in dirt, but it was great material for the camera crew! After that training session, I was pretty confident we’d have a shot at that fight. Training in that place made me feel like we were the underdogs about to fight the Canadian Ivan Drago in GSP. I knew one thing, for better of for worse, GSP wasn’t training like we were!

Unfortunately, that fight didn’t finish how I would have liked it to. Dan ended up losing a 5 round decision to GSP. It did however show that he does not give up. Even when it looked like St. Pierre was going to finish him with a fully extended armbar, or a fully locked in kimura that was completely behind his back, he would not give up. He proved to the world it is not easy to finish him. Many critics didn’t even expect. him to last one round, much less, survive an entire fight and sustain little, to no damage! He did much better than most people expected. He went the distance and gained much respect from fans all over the world.

All personal things aside, Dan Hardy is legitimately one of my favorite fighters on the planet to watch. He exciting, he’s dynamic, and he’s always down to scrap! There’s a reason that even though he had a brief hiccup in his career, losing 4 in a row, that he’s still in the UFC. He proved he belongs in there in his last fight, when he knocked out striking legend, Duane Ludwig. I know tomorrow I’m going to have my tv set to watch Dan take on the always dangerous, Amir Sadollah in Nottingham UK. I have to guess Dan isn’t going to let his fans down when it’s in his home town. NO WAY!

Many of the fighters at 10th Planet Van Nuys look up to Dan and have modeled certain parts of their styles after him. In fact, just last week one of my top fighter, Mike “Lobes” Frausto, used devastating knees to finish his opponent in less than one minute in the first round. The last of which forced the referee to stop the fight because one of the knees that landed, looked like it broke his arm. After the blow was delivered, his opponent dropped his hand and started holding his arm in pain. The ref waived off the fight from there, declaring the fight a TKO. I know Dan would be proud!

If you’re interested in fighting, competing, or just learning martial arts give us a hollar. We cater to guys, like Dan Hardy, who are looking to become the next UFC champion. We also cater to the everyman who just loves to the sport, and wants to get a good work out. You don’t have to have aspirations of fighting or competing to train with us, we welcome all people at every level of experience. We have classes that fit all kinds of schedules. We’ll even give you a free private lesson, consultation, and tour! Stop having the internal debate in you head about it, and give us a call. You know you want to! (818) 925-JITS (5487)

Coach Alder Hampel


Eddie Bravo “MASTERING THE SYSTEM” episode 33 (feat. Jeff Glover, Renato Laranja)

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys Testimonials: Mike “Tipz” Venturella

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Mike Venturella went from playing World of Warcraft, eating fast food everyday, and weighing over 300lbs, to a lean mean, 170lbs. When he first started training with us, he may literally have been the worst student to have walked through my doors. Fast forward two years, and he’s made a complete turn around. He’s won gold at countless grappling tournaments, has fought in Muay Thai smokers and even fought his first full contact, MMA fight this year. It’s really possible to be just like Mike. If you have a hard time believing it, come down to the and ask to see his old drivers license. You’ll sign up on the spot!

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Eddie Bravo Chats with MMA Girls About His Latest Single “Jiu Jitsu”

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Eddie talking about his new single and video for the song “Jiu Jitsu” from his band Smoke Serpent.

SMOKE SERPENT “Jiu Jitsu” feat. Rakaa OFFICIAL Music Video

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That’s me on the 1′s and 2′s reppin’ 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys! Not to mention a special surprise from everybody’s favorite 27 time mundial champion, Renato Laranja

Want to learn Jiu Jitsu? Need DJing lessons from yours truly? ;) Call us today and take a free class! www.10thplanetvannuys.com

2011 KJS Open Advanced Division Gold Medal Match

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Instructor Louis Ho wins the 2011 KJS Open advanced division.

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Sean Bollinger Highlight Reel (10th Planet JJ)

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Mens no-gi: Brenden Best vs Jungkoo Kang at Grapplers Quest at UFC

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Browsing through random matches :) Enjoy!

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Rochester: TWIR Video Blog Episode 2: Scissor Sweep Attacks & Counters

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Rochester: Submission Only Rochester 04.30.11

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10th Planet Rochester tearing it up!!! Enjoy!!

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Rochester: TWIR Video Blog Episode 1: 50/50 Counters

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Hey guys! Mike Frausto bringing you a longer overdue update on 10th Planet Watch and apologize to those who follow the blog for my inconsistency. Took some time preparing for a fight but am now kicking off the return with some 50/50 guard work! Enjoy!

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Alan Jouban (Pro Debut) vs Kyle Griffin

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10th Planet Decatur NAGA HL Reel

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10th Planet Van Nuys: Armbar Drill #2.5 (Push/Kick/Chop)

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This is an extension of the push kick drill we showed in our last vid. Now we add in chopping the leg over the face.

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