Big ups to Impact BJJ – Beaverton, Oregon

August 7th, 2008 In News | Comments Off on Big ups to Impact BJJ – Beaverton, Oregon

impact bjj

I’m on vacation in the Pacific North West and got some recommendations to check out Impact BJJ while I was here. I had the pleasure of Training with the guys over there last night. Michael Chapman and Armand Debruge Taught the class. I felt a little out of place since it was primarily a gi class (my gi has been packed away for years), but they chose that night to teach some nogi stuff. It was awesome, Great bunch of guys. If anybody is ever in the Beaverton, OR area, I suggest stopping by.

They have a couple of fighters fighting in the FCFF’s ( “Rumble at the Roseland” August 23rd. It’s and amature MMA show up here in Portland, OR. Many of the local gyms have fighters participate. I had the pleasure of going to one last year and had a blast. I’m looking forward to going to the upcoming one.

Impact BJJ