10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys’ Franky Orellana Gets Promoted to Blue Belt!

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It’s always a big deal anytime somebody gets a new belt in Jiu Jitsu. Even though we don’t wear belts at 10th Planet Van Nuys, we’re still just as happy to receive them. It means a lot to reach a new benchmark. It means many hours spent on the mat, bumps and bruises, triumphs, defeats, taps, getting tapped, blood sweat, and tears, new techniques learned, new friends made, and hopefully at the end of the day we had some fun in the process!

After years of dedication and training, Franky Orellana get’s his blue belt. Congrats Franky on your new belt! after every belt, we line up em up and let everybody take down the freshly belted. Thanks to awesomejiujitsu.com for the video!

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys Promotions

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First, ‘Id like to give props to the 6 new blue belts! It’s not easy to get a blue under me, so when you do, you know you’ve earned it. Every student’s journey is different, for me, the criteria for each person to get their blue belt is different. I want to see the student is proficient in all the major positions, and submissions. I want to see a strict, consistent training regiment, even if it’s twice a week. I want to see them building a game plan and constantly revamping it. I want to see them helping their team mates, and having a positive attitude in class. Loyalty is big, are you helping the team get better, or are you only concerned with your progression? Effort, do you train hard, show up on time, go one more round even if your mind says no. The list goes on and on.

Not every promotion is a belt rank. Today, I promoted Mike Frausto to competition Co-Captain. Mike has shown amazing ability in competition, training and teaching. He has show exemplary leadership abilities and at the same time, remained humble and egoless. Mike himself has all the makings of a champion and a black belt, at the same time, he also has the traits to one day be a world class coach.

Congrats gang!!!

Blue Belts
1- David Alvarez
2- Gabe Calvento
3- David Hah
4- Bhimerjeet Kahlom
5- Bill Reusch
6- Daniel Godinez

***Competition Co-Captain – Mike “Lobes” Frausto



Eddie Bravo Teaches Class at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys. 1-31-11

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It’s now official, Eddie Bravo made his first trip out to 10th Planet Van Nuys to teach class and to help me award belts. The gym was packed with friends old and new. 10th Planet New Jersey, Riverside, Burbank, Germany, and HQ were representing. It was an amazing turn out, everybody came out to show their support. It was great to see everyone.

Blue belts were awarded to Mike “Lobes” Frausto, Mike “Tipz” Venturella, Jay “Messiah” Dimacali, and “Diamond” Ryan Bradford. Each one of these guys had their own personal path to their belt. We’ve worked hard together to set and achieve goals, both individual and team. I now try to set the standard high so when the student gets his/her ranking, they feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

This is the first of many big things to come this year at 10th Planet Van Nuys! It’s going to be a wild ride.


Congrats to all the new 10th Planet Burbank blue belts

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The Burbank gang took a field trip over to 10th Planet HQ where Eddie Bravo and I promoted a whole bunch of our students to blue belt.

Rachel Tan
Karen Ferguson
Michel Francoeur
Wade Thomas
Howard Lee
Kyle McGough
Will Allen
Anthony Nealy
Scott Elkin
Richard Mattke

…Mel Blanco when he comes back this week.

…and HQ/Burbank memeber, Juli Fung, who was promoted by Eddie earlier this week.

Nathan Wall: Swim Move

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Nathan Wall Vs Charley Jolly. Rise Fighting Championships-Bragging rights 2. 10th Planet Blue Belt Nathan Wall, his first fight representing North West Training Center, Springfield OR.

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy Fighting at UFC 89!

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“Akihiro Gono will return to action against Octagon newcomer, Dan Hardy, in a welterweight tilt set for UFC 89: “Leben vs. Bisping” at The National Indoor Arena (NIA) in Birmingham, England, on October 18, according to CageWarriors.com.

Gono was set to take on Jon Fitch at UFC 82: “Pride of a Champion” back in March; however, the Japanese showman has to withdraw from the bout because of a hand injury that required surgery to repair. In fact, Ghono has a history of hand injuries and needed time for it to mend otherwise it could have threatened his future fighting career.

He has one win in one attempt inside the Octagon — a beautiful submission (armbar) of Tamdan McCrory back at UFC 78: “Validation” in November 2007.

Hardy — who is the reigning Cage Warriors welterweight champion — has won eight of his last nine bouts and the lone loss during that span was because of a disqualification. “The Outlaw” is considered to be the top British welterweight prospect. He is a Taekwondo black belt and “kickboxing expert” who has been competing in professional MMA since 2004.

Here’s a snip from Hardy:

“I’m excited to be fighting such a tough, well-respected fighter for my debut as Gono. It shows that the UFC know I am capable of dealing with the top tier guys and I am very grateful for the opportunity to go in at this kind of level. Gono has been in there with some of the best fighters in the world and always put on a good show, he comes to fight and has very good counter-strikes and some interesting submissions. He is a perfect opponent for me to prove my place in the UFC welterweight division and give the fans a great show. Fighting so close to home will be good because all of the people that have supported me through my career will be able to be there for my debut in the UFC.”

This is solid fight that pits a crafty veteran against a promising young star. It should be a good one.

The UFC 89 card is beginning to take shape with several intriguing bouts that include Michael Bisping, Chris Leben, Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves and others.”
Source: MMA Mania

For More info on Dan Hardy visit his website