Keeping Jiu Jitsu Safety a Top Priority in the Dojo.

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You ever roll with the guy who says let’s go light, and then proceeds to grab you and drive you over 3 sets of other people rolling? They then smash you into the wall, grab a heel hook and crank it wildly as hard as they can. Before you can tap, you’re knee pops 5 times. “Thanks knee for tapping for me, I was just about to do that, but this gorilla didn’t give me a chance.” I used to have of trouble with guys like this. Ultimately, it’s the instructors/owners burden to keep everybody safe. Reckless training would lead to unhappy or to injured students. That would lead to bad attendance due to injury. Which would lead to less training partners coming to the gym, which would lead to uninspiring classes. That would lead to guys not progressing as quickly in their training. Not to mention it would lead to less money coming in. No money, we can’t pay for lights, water or a space to even train in.

After years of not knowing what to do, I decided to change it up. Now, everyday before rolling, I do a quick injury check. I ask who has any injuries, which helps people remember that some people can’t go super hard, and lets the class know the instructors are paying attention, and we’re care about safety. After that, I give a speech to the class about our number 1 priority, taking care of your training partners! This is your number one job as a member of the team. If you let them get hurt, you got nobody to help you out. If you injure people, it will spread quickly and soon people will avoid training with you.

The Next thing I do puts how hard you should go in perspective. I preface how hard the roll should be by breaking it down like this:

If you are going to go…

-100%, it’s only if you’re fighting for your life against Nazi war criminals, evangelical leftist rapists or an equally threatening foe.
-80% is for fighting for the UFC championship belt.
-70% competing at a friendly Jiu Jitsu tournament.
-60% solid training for a competition or fight. This is reserved for people who understand the risks of training hard and accept the risks, I keep this separate usually.
-50% good old competitive everyday training. This is for 90% of the people. Under most circumstances, training at this rate, you should be able to get up and go to work the next day, and train again tomorrow. It’s competitive, it’s challenging, yet it’s good natured, and enjoyable.

It works extremely well at our gym. Injuries happen much less frequently at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu now days. It’s not the good old days of MMA/BJJ, we’re much smarter now. Therefore we have to be more responsible with our health.

New Classes @ 10th Planet Burbank!

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Adult Jiu Jitsu Schedule:

11:30-1pm – All Levels – Alder
7-8:30pm – Fundamentals – Alder

8:30-10pm – Advanced – Alder

11:30-1 – All Levels – Scott “Einstein” Epstein
7-8:30pm – Fundamentals – Alder

8:30-10pm – Advanced – Scott “Einstein” Epstein

6:30-8pm – Women All Levels – Sensei Kim

2-3:30pm – All Levels – Alder
3:30-? – Competition Team – Alder and Friends

1-2pm – Wrestling – Amir
2-3pm – All Levels – Alder
3-5pm – Open Mat – Ian

For more info and full schedule including Muay Thai and Kids Classes go to:

New 10th Planet Burbank Logo

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cool huh!

10th Planet Burbank: Getting the most out of your dojo *Alder’s 31st B-day Edition*

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10th Planet Burbank – #2 Technique of the Week – Getting the most out of your dojo (Alder’s 31st Birthday Edition)

That’s right bitches, technically I’m a year older than I was yesterday. If anybody wants to join me in celebration, I’ll be non-alcoholicly partying on my porch, watching bugs hit the zapper, and complaining about today’s youth. I’m just kidding, actually I’ll be DJing some underground rave party where the location is only revealed when you bring an egg to a liquor store. Well, the part about bringing an egg is from the “euphoria” episode of 90210, but the rest is true. So, if that sounds appealing to you, hollar at your boy.

10th Planet Burbank Blowin’ up! Don’t forget, if you’re in the 818 or surrounding areas, and you like to roll around on the mats with your peers, come to our gym. It’s a good time, you can lose weight, learn to stand up to bullies, learn japanese names for stuff, learn to bow correctly, build confidence, and even learn how to Ultimate Fight!

10th Planet Burbank/Blue Dragon
4130 Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

9-Year Old Saves Girl, Puts Dog in Rear Naked Choke

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January 5th, Bakersfield, CA – A 9-year-old Bakersfield boy is getting a lot of attention after saving a girl from a vicious pit bull.

Drew Heredia and his female friend were walking the girl’s small dog when the pit bull attacked it. The girl tried to intervene but then the pit bull turned the attack on her.

Heredia didn’t run away but instead he jumped on the pit bull and applied a choke hold that he learned at a local Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio.

Heredia held the dog in the chokehold until an animal control officer arrived.

The girl was taken to the hospital with numerous puncture wounds. She and her dog are expected to recover.…