This Guy Is Awesome X’s 10,000

December 19th, 2009 In Comedy | 1 Comment

Somebody sent me a link to several videos showing supposed MMA expert Joe Rogan and his Jiu Jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo smoking weed, and advocating its usage. Bravo says people have been brainwashed into thinking that smoking pot makes you stupid. I ask you, allowing yourself to be video taped smoking pot, isnt that a stupid act? Did they have a designated driver that evening? Do they both have medical prescriptions for marijuana? Bravo also says that police are brainwashed. If marijuana is illegal, or if people are using it illegally, shouldnt the police do their job and arrest them if thats their job?

Why doesnt the NFL have marijuana advertisers? You cant watch a game and not see Budweiser commercials, and advertisements. Is the NFL brainwashed too? Why do corporations drug test new employees for marijuana? Are they all brainwashed?

“Or are the answer to these questions is that they all know that marijuana is a drug, and without a doctors supervision it can be harmful.

And finally, is it appropriate to have a commentator for the UFC who has a personnel agenda which might influence fans, especially fans who may abuse marijuana? Is this what Dana White wants the UFC to represent, the usage of pot?

If Joe Rogan publicly rejects his behavior, if hes still advocating smoking pot, then there is no problem. But if he still harbors promoting an act which is criminal in some States I say he shouldnt be associated with what is supposed to be a sport defined by physical discipline, and rules.”

Rubber Guard Police pt.1

October 14th, 2008 In 10th planet police | 7 Comments

Ok this gent has posted some of his variations of rubber guard. If you can explain to me what he does wrong, you’re an official rubber guard cop!

Mission Control

RGPD (Rubber Guard Police Department)

October 6th, 2008 In 10th planet police | 8 Comments

Rubber guard can get a lot of bad press sometimes. They say, “it’s bad for my knees. It doesn’t work unless you’re super flexible. Eddie Bravo stole my girlfriend.” I believe many people are either doing it wrong or are just hating. It’s ok to not use it as part of your game. That’s a personal Choice. As far as it being bad for my knees, I’ve never had any real problems. But hey let’s face it, Jiu Jitsu probably isn’t that good for your body anyways. I’m also not the most flexible person on earth, but I can still pull off a lot of the stuff. One of the big reasons I think it gets bad press is, the amount of people showing it done incorrectly. This prompted me to come up with a new Government agency, The RGPD (Rubber Guard Police Department). This is for your safty, for the safty of your wives and most importantly the safty of your children. Remeber folks, I care.

If you’d like to join us here at the RGPD, please send us all videos of people performing RG incorrectly to alder at 10thplanetwatch dot com. I will post them and let all my Rubber Guardiacs review them and decide what has been done wrong. I encourage sending any and all tapes. The best ones I’ve seen so far were, the english guy from straight blast uk, Gene Simco and Robert Drysdale.

I’m all about creating conciousness, and having a little fun in the process. Happy hunting!