Joe Rogan Experience #478 – Eddie Bravo Breaks Down Metamoris 3 Match

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Denny Subs Nam Phan at Gracie Nationals

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Denny Prokopos hits twister at Gracie Nationals

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Miguel Torres 2004 Gracie Nationals

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It’s been guillotines galore over at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys This video is 13 minutes long, only the first 7 is Miguel Torres tearing through everybody with guillotines! MUST WATCH!!

Trapping the Arm From the Back. Gracie Style!

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This video goes right into what we’ve been learning at 10th Planet Jiu JItsu Van Nuys lately. My strategy as of late is so basic, it gets me sick. It’s to get on to the chest to the back, get the hooks, maintain and recover my positioning if necessary, trap an arm, get under the chin, and finish the RNC! You’d think it was just that easy, but it seems like most people want to immediately get the choke. Position + Patients is usually the key for me.

I always love watching the new generation Gracie boys. They’re passion and enthusiastic about the sport. It is a refreshing change from some of the dry, super serious instructors out there. It’s Jiu Jitsu, have some fun!

Here, Ryron and Rener are teaching an awesome way to chain two (3 if you count the lapel choke) common attacks. IMHO, repping moves like this over and over lead to a high rate of success. I’m all about efficiency.

10th Planet Van Nuys 2011 Events!

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1/30 – Gracie Nationals
1/31 – Eddie Bravo Teaches/Belt Ceremony
2/6 – UFC 126 Party 7pm, loctaion TBD
2/7 – Free Open Mat 12-2PM
EB Flyer

WTF!!! Gracie Baby Massage

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu’s Scott “Einstein” Epstein: Boys Town Pass To The D’arce

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Half Guard Sweep: The Mechanic

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10th Planet Rubber Guard: Scott Einstein’s Gogo Plata

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10th Planet Rubber Guard… Scott Einstein’s Gogo Plata

Einstein in action 2

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Scott “Einstein” Epstein rolling with Ian Quinto, to the sounds of Beep! “Pastafari. Big up to Reid Speed and DJ Origin for the original music.

Alder Interviews Scott “Einstein” Epstein pt 3

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Part 3 of the trilogy. 10th Planet Watch’s Alder interviews Scott “Einstein” Epstein. This may be the most uncomfortable and awkward interview ever.

Alder Interviews Scott “Einstein” Epstein pt.2

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I continue my duty as a respectable journalist. This is part 2 of the Einstein interview trilogy.

Einstein in action Part 1

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Scott Einstein Epstein Rolling to the sounds of Common’s “Universal Mind Control” and DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor”

Alder Interviews Scott “Einstein” Epstein pt.1

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This is by far the most awkward interview of all time. 10th Planet brown belts Scott Epstein and Alder Hampel sit down for a hard hitting one on one. Watch As the madness unfolds. This is part one of a trilogy.