10th Planet Jiu Jitsu: Capoeira Pass

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Brent and Alder show how to get out of the lockdown when your opponent is whipping you up.

Half Guard/Capoeira Pass From Lockdown

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RGPD: Erik Paulson Breaks The Lockdown

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“The “Lockdown”, known more generically as the “Scorpion Lock” has become a very popular and effective base of operations from the Half Guard. On three separate occasions I asked Sensei Paulson how he would counter this style of half guard and this was perhaps his most thorough, set of options.

In the future, Dr. Sick will revisit Breaking the Lockdown and try to consolidate a couple of the other options shown during other sessions with Sensei Paulson.”

Austrian open Grappling November 2008

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Grappling Tournament of the World Kubodo Federation (WKF) in Austria.


I became 3rd (I won 2 of 3 fights)
Im a hapkido practitioner but very interested in MMA.
Im a fan of eddie bravo and im using the eddie bravo half guard game as much as possible.

3:05 in this video you can see the “oldschool” sweep of eddie.
In the second match you can see me using the rubberguard with a terrible flexibillity on my side, ending up in an omoplata! 5:14″

4:40 Eddie bravo´s “Twist back” halfguardsweep

Half Guard Sweep: The Mechanic

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The Stomps: Old, New and Super

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My New Card

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Here’s my new card. I had my good friend Jo-S hook up the graphic design. He’s an art director at a firm that does all the DVD covers and Movie posters. I thought that it was pretty special. What do you guys think?

Here’s the deal… You pay me money, I teach you 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. Seems like a fair trade to me right? I know what I’m doing, I have experience, I’m talented and I’m fun to hang out with.

Alder and 4saken Teaching at 10th Planet HQ in Legends

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While Eddie was out cruising the world, 4saken and myself (Coach Alder) took over some classes at 10th Planet Hollywood. Here’s a whole bunch of techniques rolled into one jam packed video. More bang for da buck.

1.) Electric Chair (Electro Butt Scootin’ Boogie Remix) – 1/2 Guard Sweep
2.) The Red Baron – Dog Fight Counter
3.) D’arce (Knuckle Head Variation) – Submission

Submissions 101: Plan B Sweep from Half Guard

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10th Planet Jiu Jitsu: Half Guard To The Dogfight.

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Brandon Quick shows the basics of getting to the Dogfight position from half guard. There’s some nice details in here. This is a basic move, but sometimes the finer points are overlooked.

Eddie Bravo: The Electric Chair Half Guard Sweep/Submission

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This is probably my best half guard sweep. I hit this more than anything. There are a lot of options if one chooses to go to Stoner Control from it; I’m partial to the calf crank.