Alder Is Looking To Do A Seminar In Hawaii.

June 8th, 2009 In News | 16 Comments

Alder, that’s me, is going to be going to go out to Waikiki this September 17th-21st-ish. I’d like to find a place to do a Seminar while I’m there. I’d most likely want to do it Saturday the 19th. I’d also, as per usual, be available for privates and semi privates. If any of my island brothers are in the know, hit me up!

Here’s my resume:
Most Awesome Dood – 2009
10th Planet Burbank Instructor
10th Planet Headquarters Substitute Teacher
MPSE Best Sound Editing in Computer Entertainment – Hellgate (google it)
Most Wittiest Meathead -2006, 2008
I Graduated High School
ADDC West Coast Trials Mens Advanced 1-0 Champion
Eddie Bravo’s Sound Engineer
Drum and Bass DJ

…but I don’t want to brag too much