Joe Rogan Experience #478 – Eddie Bravo Breaks Down Metamoris 3 Match

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Joe Rogan and Tait Fletcher Talk 10th Planet Van Nuys and Saekson’s Muay Thai

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Joe Rogan ( had stuntman, MMA fighter, The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 contestant, gym owner and all around great guy, Tait Fletcher on his show. At a certain point they gave 10th Planet Van Nuys ( a nice little shout out. Thanks for the plug guys!

The Muay Thai gym Rogan mentions is Saekson’s Muay Thai, run by Julio Trana Jr. and the family

Joe Rogan Recieves his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt From Eddie Bravo!

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If you want to learn the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system just like Joe Rogan, and you’re in the San Fernando area, check us out at

Renato Laranja gets shut down on Joe Rogan’s podcast

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Eddie Bravo “MASTERING THE SYSTEM” episode 17 (feat. GSP, Joe Rogan,George Sotiropoulos)

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Eddie Bravo “MASTERING THE SYSTEM” episode 16 (feat. Matt Horwich, Joe Rogan, and Renato Laranja)

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(10th Planet Van Nuys)

Renato Laranja vs Joe Rogan

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(10th Planet Van Nuys)

Renato Laranja asks Joe Rogan to put him in the UFC. Then stalks him outside of the shower.

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This is the famous clip where Renato Laranja chases Joe Rogan all over the gym asking him to get into the UFC. Watch and see how Joe deals with the situation! Classic business!

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FIGHT! Life – Eddie Bravo: From “Man Show” to Dojo

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Alder Hampel Chosen as Dan Hardy’s Jiu Jitsu Coach vs. George St. Pierre

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It’s official, I’ll be going out to train with and coach Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy in preparation for his fight with George St. Pierre, March 27th. I have to admit, this maybe the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s a huge honor to have been asked to help Dan Hardy prepare for, quite possibly, the biggest fight of his career. I’m going to do everything in my power to see that Dan brings the belt back to the states, well, via Nottingham, U.K. at least.

I’ll be returning from teaching seminars two, soon to become 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu affiliates in Africa, just to fly right back out to New Jersey, where Dan is having his training camp. I’ll be out there for the last 3 weeks of his camp, until the fight. So, as you’re watching the fight on your color t.v., look for me in the background saying encouraging words and shaking my fist violently. I might even through up a little 10th Planet gang sign or 2. While I’m out in NJ, I’m going to try and keep a little vblog, to document the experience.

It’s been an amazing 2010 already, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me the rest of the year. I’m very thankful for the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu family, Eddie, and The Burbank Crew. I’ve received so much support from everyone, thanks to everybody for helping out!

For more info on Dan Hardy,,

For Tickets to this fight, at UFC 111, click HERE


This Guy Is Awesome X’s 10,000

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Somebody sent me a link to several videos showing supposed MMA expert Joe Rogan and his Jiu Jitsu instructor Eddie Bravo smoking weed, and advocating its usage. Bravo says people have been brainwashed into thinking that smoking pot makes you stupid. I ask you, allowing yourself to be video taped smoking pot, isnt that a stupid act? Did they have a designated driver that evening? Do they both have medical prescriptions for marijuana? Bravo also says that police are brainwashed. If marijuana is illegal, or if people are using it illegally, shouldnt the police do their job and arrest them if thats their job?

Why doesnt the NFL have marijuana advertisers? You cant watch a game and not see Budweiser commercials, and advertisements. Is the NFL brainwashed too? Why do corporations drug test new employees for marijuana? Are they all brainwashed?

“Or are the answer to these questions is that they all know that marijuana is a drug, and without a doctors supervision it can be harmful.

And finally, is it appropriate to have a commentator for the UFC who has a personnel agenda which might influence fans, especially fans who may abuse marijuana? Is this what Dana White wants the UFC to represent, the usage of pot?

If Joe Rogan publicly rejects his behavior, if hes still advocating smoking pot, then there is no problem. But if he still harbors promoting an act which is criminal in some States I say he shouldnt be associated with what is supposed to be a sport defined by physical discipline, and rules.”

Eddie Bravo at TuffNuff, vouches for Joe Rogan and possibly future fight,

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Fight_Net Radio and ProfFightNetwork have always suggested a fight between UFC commentator Joe Rogan and ProfightNetworks, Chris Greenman. FNRs Lee Honish describes that both of these guys have similar egos and fighting pedigrees that should be tested front and center for a charity event. In this video, Eddie Bravo describes Joe Rogan’s strengths and guard weaknesses, and ProFightNetwork offers its willingness for this potential fight.

10th Planet Brown Belt, Joe Rogan Drinks Piss!

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@ 4:14 of the video, Joe drinks to his health. For more info on everybody’s favorite UFC commentator, check out his website @

Joe Rogan and Coach Alder @ Tuff N Uff

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Eddie Bravo On “Cribz”

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