Mac Danzig Seminar May 17th @ 10th Planet Van Nuys

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Mac Danzig Seminar at 10th planet van nuys may 17

Mac Danzig MMA Seminar May 17th!!!

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UFC veteran and TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) season 6 winner, Mac Danzig will be teaching a Striking for MMA Seminar at 10th Planet Van Nuys on 5/17/14. Don’t miss this special event! Whether you want to sharpen your skills or just add another tool to your game, this is the event for you. Modern MMA has forever changed the landscape of martial arts. You can no longer be a one dimension martial artist. There’s always somebody who will expose your lack of skills. To be able to use your Jiu Jitsu effectively now, you must use your striking to set up your takedowns. The alternative is to eat lots of leather on your way in, and wake up staring up at the lights asking yourself what happened!  CALL us and book your spot today, there are limited amounts of space, so act now!

10th Planet Van Nuys
16760 Stagg St. Suite #218
Van Nuys, CA 91406
12pm – 3pm
*Bring gloves, shin guards optional


Javier Vasquez Seminar August 31st @ 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Van Nuys!!!

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Javier “Showtime” Vasquez will be teaching a seminar at 10th Planet Van Nuys, August 31st! He will be going over his SES method, a system based on the opponent having you in side control. For those of you not familiar with Javi, he is one of the most legit guys out there. He’s well versed in self defense, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (gi and no-gi),  Submission wrestlilng, and MMA. He’s competed at the highest levels of those sports in ADCC, King of the Cage, Grapplers Quest, Shooto, UFC, and WEC. I couldn’t be more stoked to have him coming down to our gym. CALL TODAY to reserve your space. This will sell out! (818)781-(JITS) 5487

Javi’s Bio
“Born in Santiago, Cuba on April 27, 1976, Javier Vazquez came to the United States at the age of four. He grew up in El Monte, California and started wrestling as a sophomore at Arroyo High School at the age of 15. In 1994 he placed 3rd at the CIF wrestling tournament and continued his stellar high school career by placing 4th in the Southern Section Masters tournament. He was just one match away from placing in the high school state wrestling championships, ending up in the top 12 in the state at 130 lbs. He was voted team captain in both his junior and senior years. He continued his wrestling career at Mt. San Antonio College where he again proved himself to be one of “the best of the best” by finishing 7th in the state and being voted team captain for his leadership on and off the mat.” click here for full wiki

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Seminar w/ Chris Herzog December 19th, 2010

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Posted By Mike Frausto (10th Planet Van Nuys: Team Alder)

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Seminar w/ Chris Herzog December 4th, 2010

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Posted by Mike Frausto (10th Planet Van Nuys: Team Alder)

Big Shouts Out to Henry’s TKD, Christiansburg, VA

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Thanks again to Henry’s TKD in Christiansburg, VA. They’re working hard on becoming one of 10th Planet’s newest affiliates. It was a pleasure to meet everybody in attendance, we had a great time! I also got a chance to teach my first ever kids seminar while I was there. Big ups to the little tikes that attended. They’re going to grow up to become complete animals!


Pics From Durban, South Africa Seminar

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Alder Hampel Chosen as Dan Hardy’s Jiu Jitsu Coach vs. George St. Pierre

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It’s official, I’ll be going out to train with and coach Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy in preparation for his fight with George St. Pierre, March 27th. I have to admit, this maybe the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s a huge honor to have been asked to help Dan Hardy prepare for, quite possibly, the biggest fight of his career. I’m going to do everything in my power to see that Dan brings the belt back to the states, well, via Nottingham, U.K. at least.

I’ll be returning from teaching seminars two, soon to become 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu affiliates in Africa, just to fly right back out to New Jersey, where Dan is having his training camp. I’ll be out there for the last 3 weeks of his camp, until the fight. So, as you’re watching the fight on your color t.v., look for me in the background saying encouraging words and shaking my fist violently. I might even through up a little 10th Planet gang sign or 2. While I’m out in NJ, I’m going to try and keep a little vblog, to document the experience.

It’s been an amazing 2010 already, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me the rest of the year. I’m very thankful for the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu family, Eddie, and The Burbank Crew. I’ve received so much support from everyone, thanks to everybody for helping out!

For more info on Dan Hardy,,

For Tickets to this fight, at UFC 111, click HERE


Alder Hampel Seminar in North Dakota April 17th

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Coach Alder Hampel Seminar Flyer

Interested In Becoming a 10th Planet Affiliate or Having A Seminar @ Your School? Book This Fool!

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Ever thought, “Hey, that Alder guys sucks, if he can teach 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, I sure as hell can.” Well, you probably don’t say that about me, you probably say it about Einstein, and you’re right, what a jerk! Anyways, if you’re twistering everybody in your gym and interested in having your school become a 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu affiliate, you can! **(maybe)

Now, if you’re a fan of the system, but not so enthusiastic to have your school associated with “The Pot”, Rock and Roll and tattoos, but would like to have a seminar, you can do that as well!

For a free consultaion, 1-900-GET-ALDER


Eddie Bravo Seminar: Rochester, NY 10/03/09

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10th Planet Seminar Chirstburg, Virginia This Weekend!!!

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Hampel Seminar

Alder Seminar September 12 @ Henry’s TaeKwonDo, Christburg, Virginia

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Hampel Seminar

10th Planet Seminar w/ Scott “Dumpy Drawlz” Epstein, Florham Park, NJ 9-12-09

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Portland 10th Planet Seminar Review @ Straight Blast

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I’d like to give a big shout out to Garry and the whole crew that came out to the seminar at Straight Blast this last weekend. The turn out was amazing. It was awesome being able to do a seminar literally blocks from where I was born. All the guys at the seminar did really well, they were very enthusiastic to learn the 10th Planet system.

In my opinion, it seems like 10th Planet Portland might not be such a bad idea. With Matt Horwich, old school Bravo purple belt, John Salami, and George Sotiropolous relocating to the area, it would seem there’s a good group of 10th Planet folks up there.

I also got the chance to roll with the guys over at Team Quest again while I was there. UFC vet, Fabiano Scherner was the instructor. I was afforded the opportunity to roll for a little while with him. What a monster, he’s smooth and technical. Not to mention, he’s about 250 or rock solid mass.

I’m stoked to come back again soon. PDX rox!