RGPD: Double Gogo

February 28th, 2010 In 10th planet police | 6 Comments

I think this video is where Eddie got the idea for “The Sorcerer.” If I were this guys wife, I’d sue.

this is a move my wife landed on me by accident and i looked everywhere online to try and find it but i havent found it yet. not gunna lie she made me tap.”

RGPD: Criss Cross Control (CCC)

February 27th, 2010 In 10th planet police | 6 Comments

Another installment of the Rubber Guard Police Department. It’s time to put the infamous (not really), Criss Cross Control, to the test! Is it the new double bagger? Or will it be thrown to the side like so many other techniques that didn’t make the cut. YOU BE THE JUDGE!