DEVELOPING THE SQUEEZE By Scott “Einstein” Epstein

December 24th, 2008 In Theory | 18 Comments



In the sport or art of submission wrestling , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ,Judo, Sambo and some others I forgot or don’t feel like remembering, one of the main objectives and the most important, in my educated opinion is to submit your opponent. In my sport/art of preference (Brazilian jiu jitsu minus the gi), once one has developed a game plan to set up submissions the next step, if your opponent has decent or good defense is squeezing.

Squeezing your opponent and getting the victory is not as simple as it sounds. If done correctly, its not to difficult either. How many times have you had someone in a tight rear naked choke or to save me time RNC and you put 100% of all your squeezing powers into it but for some reason she didn’t tap or pass out? Now you let go of the sub, you’re trying to catch your breath and let you muscles recover from the wasted energy. Yes your biceps might look like the ultimate warriors did in 1989, but the gods of thunder are not on your side because you do not wear face paint. Think about what happened. Was your submission shit? Maybe her defense was dope son! If you were a little more patient I bet you could have got the tap.

I know your thinking “If I have the sub then finish why be patient?” Well, in this case your sub didn’t work, that’s why. I want you to start to think of and use your squeeze in increments from 1% to 100%. In the situation I just gave, you set up the RNC and immediately squeezed at 100% then held on as tight as possible for a few more moments before failing mentally and physically . I want to attempt to help you fix this because I am a kind giving person who loves you. Go get your Grandma and apply the RNC, if she is already dead then use a volleyball, a stuffed animal, a very sharp meat clever, something you can simulate a choke on. Once you have everything in order , apply the RNC but just give about 20% of pressure now slowly start to add more pressure let it take about 1 minute till you have applied 100% . When you have 100% squeeze going, I want you to hold it for about another 30 seconds to a minute. This drill will help you develop stamina and strength with your squeeze . Try it with other simulated submissions, maybe the triangle?

To learn to squeeze in increments or percentages will help greatly. In a real session when you have your opponent locked into an RNC try applying pressure the same way I told you to practice except start the squeeze @ 40% maintain this percent for an extended amount of time should not be very taxing on your body. Start to squeeze tighter you will find that by the time you are @ about 70% your opponent has given up. If for some reason its not done then, you can lighten your squeeze to readjust. When you are squeezing with 70% of your strength and you have not won, there is no need to try to go to 100%, your technique is just off. You are most likely doing something wrong. The beauty is you did not have to let go cause you were so tired. This like everything else needs practice. When you practice, try to never hold your breath and try to keep your face relaxed, these two things will burn you out quickly.