Awesome ADDC 2011 Highlight Vid

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ADCC 2011 Highlight from stuart cooper Films on Vimeo.

FIGHT! Life: The Twister vs. The Legend, with Eddie Bravo

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In Free Trip to Brazil,” MMA legend Eddie Bravo told us about his unlikely victory at the North American trials for the ADCC Submission Grappling World Championships, the best competition of its kind on the planet. In part three of this FIGHT! Life series, Bravo, who arrived in Sao Paolo, Brazil as a brown belt surrounded by black-belt masters, recounts his now-legendary fight with Royler Gracie, the undisputed top dog in the sport who had never given up a single point in his career. Bravo had nothing to lose. Heres what happened.

Produced and directed by Matthew Ross. Shot by Rick Lee, Marc Rizzo, and Randy Ward. Edited by Ashley Cahill and Ryan Jackson-Healy.

Impact Jiu Jitsu’s Nogi Instructor: Keisuke Andrew

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As some of you know I’m on vacation and training at up in the greater Portland, OR area at Impact BJJ. I took the nogi/submission class they offered on Fridays. The teachers name is Keisuke Andrew. I was impressed with his skills on the mat. I wasn’t familiar with him, so I did a little research when I got home. So far he’s undefeated in MMA, and is a badass on the submission grappling circuit. I found his MMA highlight reel, I’ll let the video speaks¬†speak for its self¬†itself.