Alder’s Vancouver Seminar Canceled This Weekend

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Due to bureaucratic red tape, the mounties are going to deny my access into their country. It seems to be a paperwork issue, that, if I had known would have been a problem, I would have easily handled prior to wasting my time flying up here and sitting in customs for hours and hours. It would seem they’re very strict here on letting people into the country. I watched them deny access to a whole slew of people. My sincere apologies to everybody that was going to come out and support. I’ll be back soon.

I did however get a chance to hang out with Dan and Nabil from 10th Planet Vancouver for a few hours. I was granted a “day pass.” We grabbed some delicious food and then went and checked out the 10th Planet Vancouver Gym. It’s a great facility.

From what I saw, Vancouver is a lovely city. I can’t wait to come back. The women are beautiful up here. From the customs officers, to the waitresses at the restaurant, even the girl that served us Egg Mcmuffins at McDonalds this morning was cute. It must be something in the water or clean air.

Vancouver, BC Is Invaded By Alder. July 25th

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This week is the 3rd stop on my non stop summer of rock tour. I should see if Steve from Melee/10th Planet Gear can hook a seminar tour T-shirt up. Or maybe I think I’m waaaaay cooler than I am. Either way, I still have a seminar. =)

Vancouver Seminar

10th Planet Vancouver Seminar, July 25th *Coach Alder Hampel*

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Come on down to 10th Planet Vancouver and win with these essential street fighting 10th Planet techniques. *

**Mostly geared towards seniors and the mentally challenged.
Vancouver Seminar

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Vancouver Promo

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Electric Chair Submission in Competition.

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“Chris Jones who train at Island MMA and 10th Planet Victoria (Sub 101) gets the tap via the electric chair. He was DQed for this however because the organizers were unsure what it was and said it was a crotch ripper. This was in the 187 advanced too where almost everything was legal-except 10th Planet it seems.”

Special Offer from 10th Planet Vancouver

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Hello 10th Planet supporters!

We are 1 week from our pre-opening date of December 1st !!
Why are we calling it our pre-opening…. because we are giving you a chance to jump aboard and join 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and MMA for a limited time pricing event! 

How does Free Training for December sound? It’s true… training from Dec 1st to Dec 19th is FREE for all 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes! All you have to do is pay the $99 registration free (which includes a 10th Planet shirt and a pair of MMA gloves) and that’s all! No catches, no contracts, no hassles! 
After a month of free training if you wish to join us on a more permanent basis, during our Grand Opening week of January 5th, you will be offered even more discounts and free training time! 

The first 20 people to join us December 1st will receive :
- a free private lessons of your choice (Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing, Kali, JKD or Thai Boxing)
- 50% off the next Eddie Bravo Seminar (worth $60)
- you will be entered to win our bi-yearly $500 prize give away
- gain special access to our Team Conditioning Trainer and our Team Dietitian 

If you can’t train on a regular basis our 12 class punch cards are on sale for only $75 for the first week of training!!! 

What makes us different?

- more mat time… 4 – 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu classes a week (6 hours a week of just Jiu Jitsu!)
- our dedication to your health and well being with our Team Trainer and Dietitian expert
- separate MMA classes
- our instructors have been personally trained by UFC champions and world class Brazilian Jiu Jutsu superstars
- we are 1 of only 10 – 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Affiliates in the world! 
- we are the only school in Vancouver teaching the Rubber Guard!
- Free workout and nutritional plans upon sign up!
- Free conditioning with our trainer for all competitive students 
- Bonuses for our in house tournament participants … And much more!

Schedule link:

Full website link:

***** Make sure that you are among the lucky first 20 people and email us at and we will send you an online payment request for $99 which you can make by visa or mastercard! *****

Welcome to the Revolution! Welcome to 10th Planet Vancouver!

Eddie Bravo: “The Douche Bag” Armbar From Spiderweb.

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The Douche Bag is done from the spider web position. It is designed to break the grip in order to get the arm bar. It basically requires you to place your foot on your partners neck/face and extend. Hence the name, The Douche Bag.

Eddie Bravo: The Overhook

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