Jason “Hollywood” Chambers Returns To Fighting Sept. 20th, 2008!!

The TOTAL FIGHT CHALLENGE welcomes back Jason Human Weapon Chambers to our card for Saturday September 20th at the Hammond Civic Center which is located just 25 mins from Downtown Chicago. This is Chambers first MMA fight since his hit TV show “The Human Weapon”. Chambers will take on the tough up and coming “Dan New” who just won a tough fight against a very skilled striker, Steve Styx. We look forward to welcoming Chambers back to the Chicagoland area.

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3 responses to “Jason “Hollywood” Chambers Returns To Fighting Sept. 20th, 2008!!”

  1. ArrashSpawnOfCthulu says:

    He’s wearing the new 10th Planet Gi there huh?

    I’m a purple tie, tbh.