Scott "Einstein" Epstein

You’ve seen him on the Tap Out Show, trolling the MMA message boards, and winning countless grappling tournaments. Now you too can have Scott “Einstein” Epstein come to your martial arts academy and teach you a trick or two. Don’t let the horrible sarcastic New York attitude fool you, deep down he’s just a cuddley teddy bear.

4 Responses to “Scott "Einstein" Epstein”

  1. He needs to bring that brunette with him!! I will show her what it means to be from the ancient kingdom of Persia!

    Epstein ftw!

  2. Hold up that’s not his wife is it? I’m kidding Epstein dude!

    Right? Guys? Anyone?

    I’m kidding *cough cough*


  3. Am I going to get hurt for this?

  4. K.R.L says:

    You’re in luck. None of those nice young ladies are his wife.