10th Planet Is Starting Kindergarden. Happy 5th birthday

Happy happy hooray!!! Eddie opened 10th Planet 5 years ago this year. The original location was at The Bomb Squad, on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood California. A fitting location for us considering that area is one of the most popular hang outs for transexual hookers in the world. Ah the good ol’ days. But all good (or creepy) things come to an end. We’re now located at Legends, a premier, state of the art facility located right in the heart of Hollywood. This gym puts anything the Russians could have come up with in Rocky 4, to shame.

Anyways, I think an official 10thpjj 5 year party is in order. Is anybody else down?

 Here's a pic from our 4th bday party. All the 10th planet regulars came out to celebrate!

All the 10th planet regulars came out to celebrate!

4 Responses to “10th Planet Is Starting Kindergarden. Happy 5th birthday”

  1. ian says:

    if the 10th planet jj anniversary party will be held at that fancy shmancy oriental food establishment, then i’m totally down. no joke. i’m serious. i’m totally down.

  2. TimDawg says:

    looks like some hot ass biyaches at this party.. is that my uncle?

  3. Alder Hampel says:

    That is your uncle Tim. Before you bring him to the next shin dig, please tell him none of the girls at the party want to see his triangle set ups. I don’t want to have another situation like last time.

  4. 4saken says:

    Sweet Party. In case you didnt know the guy on the left is a Redbelt Grandmaster.. AKA JIU JITSU belt like the parking attendant guy…