Jiu Jitsu Instruction – Rubber Guard Demo by Gene Simco

The first person to tell me why his rubber guard sucks is the best #1 winner of all time. You know, Tae Kwon Do is really hot these days, I’m going to put up some youtube instructionals on how to do spinning back heel kicks next week. The week after that, I’ll be showing Krav Maga.

11 Responses to “Jiu Jitsu Instruction – Rubber Guard Demo by Gene Simco”

  1. Armbarcrashdummy says:


  2. Mike May says:

    There is not enough space to properly make fun of how bad this “instructional clip” is.

  3. Carlos says:

    before you start teaching your students rubber guard make sure YOU know the first step of it (mission control). the way this guy holds his ankle should be called bitch control – because the guy will posture out and make u his bitch if you dont cup/curl your ankle. dumb fuck. VIVA eddie. ur the shit!

  4. Dave says:

    Don’t step, Alder. I’m an ORANGE BELT in Krav Maga, so if you start teaching it, bet your ass I’ll take you out!


  5. brent says:

    gene was just recently arrested for sexual contact with a minor, no joke.

  6. Chris Herzog says:

    Fuck Eddie, Im going to train with Gene!

  7. Ryan says:

    Best rubber guard ever?

  8. JBalouris says:

    Wow. I could feel all my rubber guard training being sapped out of me as I watched this. I agree with the “Bitch-Control” comment, except I’d say that the only person you’d be able to hold down would be bitch!

  9. tmontgomery says:

    This is sad; and its not like we can’t all see it, but in order.

    1. foot wasn’t to hip, consequently he couldn’t bring his leg high enough to the shoulder/neck.
    2. Hand is on top of the lg rather than underneath.
    3. Hand on top Hand on top of leg.
    4. RG works off the clinch, he has no clinch on the neck.
    5. Loose guard; guy on top can pick a side and pass… hell I could pass and he is twice my size.
    6. Obviously mr. simco lacks flexibility…. again if he were pushing down on the hip, it would be less of an issue because he would be “pushing” him into his RG…

    OMG im not going to bother going further because im laughing SOOOOOOO hard.

  10. Dave B says:

    It’s pretty bad when I have a better Rubber Guard game then this guy.