And thank you very much for the interest in my jiu jitsu.

We have moved to Legends MMA at 1626 N. La Brea Ave. Hollywood, CA.

Jiu Jitsu classes are $130 a month for unlimited jiu jitsu and $275 with
kickboxing included, or $30 for individual classes. Private instruction is
$500 an hour or $100 with a 10thpjj brown belt.

There is no required uniform, you can wear whatever you like, just make sure
it¹s clean. Classes run Monday thru Thursday night from 8:30pm to 10pm, and
Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am to 1pm. There is also a wrestling class
that¹s included in the price on Saturday at 2pm.

For all beginners (less than 1 year of bjj) I require 3 private lessons, $55
each, with one of my assistant instructors before joining the group class,
$165 total.

And I highly recommend buying my book “Jiu Jitsu Unleashed” available at
amazon.com for around $12. The book will help you get up to speed with the
10th Planet terminology and strategy, which is crucial for keeping up with
the group classes.

The one on one lessons will get your body used to the movements on the
ground and give you the feel you need for understanding what the submissions
are all about.

If you¹re over 160 pounds call my brown belt Brent Littel (310) 486-2534, or
if you¹re under 160 call Scott Epstein (323) 691-7744 to schedule your
private instruction and they will make sure when you join the group class
you will be able to flow with the rest of the class with little trouble.

If you have over a year of bjj experience and are ready to join the 10th
Planet team or if you want to host a 10th Planet seminar contact Eddie Bravo
directly twisterbravo@sbcglobal.net.

Add me as a friend at www.myspace.com/thetwister for the latest seminar,
dvd, book, and music info

Thank you and I hope to see you soon,
Eddie 🙂

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