10th Planet Police, Mount Up! UFC 89

Critique my Jiu Jitsu: Jim Miller vs. David Baron

8 responses to “10th Planet Police, Mount Up! UFC 89”

  1. Daniel says:

    That was great Jits, on both parts, many tapping opportunities in that fight(roll) and he defended to the end. Of course superior technique prevails.
    Side note: I would have loved to have seen ninja transition from mount to truck.

  2. ian says:

    what is “jits”?

  3. JamesArk says:

    Absolute clinic from Miller.

  4. From a jiujitsu standpoint, that was one of the most enjoyable fights I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. Dave says:

    Great jits. Very impressive by Miller, who I am fairly certain was a last-second replacement in this match. And Baron is no slouch…he choked out Sakurai in his last fight before this one.

  6. Wolverine says:

    That was a great fight. I’ve seen Baron before, but never really heard of Miller. He did have great Jiu Jitsu, even when he ended up on his back he had some sweat transitions the last minute of the second round. He was close to the Sanitarium then started working for the triangle then switched to the arm triangle with the one arm still trapped by his legs. I don’t know if its still up online anywhere but the fight with Per Eklund Vs. Samy Schiavo also had some good Jiu Jitsu, Eklund seemed to have some decent rubber guard skills.

  7. Raul Ponce says:

    Pretty much a Jiu-Jitsu match than MMA fight. I would have loved to see some 10th planet stuff from the half or from top some samurai to truck out there. Good RNC. =)