10th Planet’s Conor Heun Wins!!!

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Conor Heun (8-2) emerged as a potential force in the EliteXC lightweight division, as he stopped a bloodied James Edson Berto with second-round ground-and-pound.

Round 1
Berto throws a big head kick but Heun blocks it for the most part as the fight gets off to a quick start. Berto finding his range, but Heun refuses to back down. Heun throws a leg kick that Berto catches before dropping Heun to the mat with a straight right hand. Heun tries to stand but Berto locks up a guillotine and falls to his guard. Heun easily escapes and the two men scramble for position. Berto, back on his feet, begins to unload landing a series of punches before exclamating the flurry with a hard body kick. There is no quit in Heun, who takes the fight back to the ground where he goes to work from Berto’s guard. Heun aggressively pounds away until the bell and opens up a cut around Berto’s left eye. The late offensive by Heun garners him the nod on the Sherdog.com scorecard 10-9.

Round 2
Heun charges across the cage slinging leather the entire way as the second round starts. Berto avoids the worst of it before landing a big flying knee. Heun doesn’t budge a bit and slams Berto to the mat and begins a ground and pound barrage. During the attack he drops a downward elbow and Referee Troy Waugh immediately halts the action to take a point from Heun. Undeterred, Heun takes the fight back to the mat and pounds Berto with hammerfists and elbows from the top. This time Waugh steps in to protect a bloody and battered Berto. Conor Heun is awarded the TKO victory at 2:18 of the second round.

Conor Heun (left) vs. James Edson Berto
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  1. Ben Butler says:

    Do you have a video of his fight?