Critique My Jiu Jitsu: Per Eklund vs. Samy Schiavo UFC 89

Let’s hear what the gang has to say about this one! Any thoughts on the rubber guard used? 10th Planet Police saddle up! 


Thanks to Wolverine for this link!

5 responses to “Critique My Jiu Jitsu: Per Eklund vs. Samy Schiavo UFC 89”

  1. Tony says:

    It appeared as though he had the right ideas, but he seemed to be reaching around too much with his right arm instead of making sure his right forearm was in Schiavo’s collar bone. This gave his much less control, not allowing him to clear the neck and get to chill-dog.

  2. JamesArk says:

    It looked like he knew the basics but didn’t spend enough time developing them. He used the Zombie and got New York for a second but couldn’t control Schiavo and keep him there.

    Still, good to see it being used more and more, even just defensively. When he tried double wrist control guard at the end of the 2nd he was getting blasted.

  3. Wolverine says:

    I thought he showed good effort in the first round ussing rubber guard. He probably would have taken a lot more damage from bottom if he hadn’t been working rubber guard. He could have possibly hit the meat hook to triangle. He deffinately has the right idea just needs to keep working it so he can get things tighter and work his transitions.

  4. Raul Ponce says:

    Very good to see this stuff more and more. Good effort but, so much space. No tight at all.

  5. BRAVO!!! I think he gave a heck of a try! aint easy when someones trying to beat you up:)