“I Broke My Hand Again?”

Today was one of those days i should never gotten out of bed. First, I popped my knee doing Omoplatas during the morning class at 10th Planet HQ. It wasn’t too bad, but it was bugging me enough to decided that I’m gonna sit out and chill the rest of class. Now that I no longer have health insurance, I’d like to play it safe, and not press my luck.

Next, I had a job interview for a position teaching kids (14-18) martial arts. Big ups to Compella for hooking me up with the interview. Anyways, I meet with the high school who puts on the after school program. They were looking for an instructor, but one who’d teach without using physical contact. Hmmmmm, that sounds like a challenge. Now, I’ve taken many different traditional martial arts classes over the years. However, I’ve only ever taught Jiu Jitsu. I wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching anything that couldn’t involve some kind of contact between students. I’m still only a white belt in Tae Bo, so teaching that is out of the question. I’ll probably have to respectfully decline the position unless they can meet my basic needs.

Fast forward to the night time class Alex 4saken and I teach at Fitness Unlimited in Granada Hills. We were drilling, doing some routine guard passing. One of our students, Lionel, and I were practicing together. He weighs about 145 so he’s a bit on the lighter side compared to me. Also, we were going pretty light. I was pushing his hips and head down and away from my body trying to prevent him from passing my guard. He turned his hip down and dropped his body weigh. Some how my thumb got caught and all his weight came crashing downward. “POP!” It sounded like a dry twig being snapped. I felt an instant, excruciating pain. This was probably up there was most painful I’ve felt in recent times. It was one of those freak accidents, this isn’t ping pong we’re playing folks. I figured for sure it was broken. I sat our the rest of the class icing it, trying to keep my cool, but the shit hurt like hell.

After Alex 4saken dropped my back home I was faced with a choice. Ignore it and hope it gets better on it’s own. Or since all the urgent cares are already closed by this time, go to the ER, and have it examined. Unfortunately, E.R. is quite expensive. After examining my thumb, which has swollen to the size of a golf ball by this time, I decide I don’t want to risk it. My mom and her best friend take me down to the hospital.

After seeing a doctor, I waiting around in pain for a few hours for my results. I was promised something for the pain when I arrived, but for some reason it never came. It would have cured my boredom and if not killed the pain, at least killed some time. Finally, the nurse, who was cute btw, brings me a brace, 2 vicodins and my results. It’s not broken according to the x-rays, but I probably have some ligament damage. Oh, well could be worse.

So, If anybody knows anything I should take to help this heal let me know. MSM, Glucosamine, Chondriton Roids ect.?

Here’s pics with my new fashion brace.

9 responses to ““I Broke My Hand Again?””

  1. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Ah, sorry bro. It figures, too, that you’d get hurt when you don’t have insurance. Hang in there and get yourself a gig that has medical insurance!

  2. Trini says:


    im sorry to hear about your hand dude
    nothing you can really do to speed up the process
    the vicodin im assuming is regular strength 5/500

    so its not gonna do anything except kill the pain
    or make you think that there is no pain.. but it causes some side effects in some people. if your prone to side effects. your probably gonna feel really screwed up taking,. but you can try ibuprofen otc and just double or triple up on it so its like 600mg or 800mg instead of just 200mg
    that will reduce any inflammation you might have in your hand, also lots of icing, and try not to play with it too much at least yet
    its gonna take a while but you’ll get better

  3. Coach Shigec says:

    Fuck MSM. Take lots of MSG and you’ll be fine!

  4. ian says:


  5. greg says:

    Ive done the same exact thing twice but i was posting my hand on the hip with all my fingers pointed to the ceiling (big mistake) I rolled all mine back not broke though. just very painful. now i post more corectly and place my hand where i point my fingers out. I guess i still need to watch out for the thumb.

  6. Alder Hampel says:

    “What’s MSG?”

    It’s the crap they put in Chinese food to make it taste so delicious. Shigeki was joking, His brand of North Korean humor isn’t that funny tho =(

  7. Wolverine says:

    Hope the hand feels better Coach,