Matt Horwich vs. Dan Miller *Rate My Rubber Guard*


7 Responses to “Matt Horwich vs. Dan Miller *Rate My Rubber Guard*”

  1. Wolverine says:

    Hey Coach,
    Love to watch that fight, but the link doesn’t seem to be working,

  2. Pat says:

    the link works. give it a sec to load though.

  3. Wolverine says:

    Nice stuff by Horwich. Think he would have had more luck with rubber guard if he had kept things tighter, like if he had hugged the knee earlier in the fight. Loved when he went for the Rubix Cube, that was a good set up. I would have freaked out if he had put Miller in the Puppet Master.

  4. JamesArk says:

    Yeah that was a great attempt at the Rubix Cube, it’s a shame he didn’t land the triangle.

    Good to see more people learning the system though.

  5. Dave "Robert" Foung says:

    Rubber guard in action!! It would have been good if he hugged his knee tight like Joe was saying. I would also like to see him mix it up a bit and throw some short elbows while he has someone in his rubber guard.

  6. Erik Wahlberg says:

    I loved seeing him attempt the rubix cube, but he probably should have tried something different than the omaplata over and over (although he did pretty well with it). The cool thing (for me, as a self-defense minded guy) was that the rubber guard kept him from getting pounded in the guard! Great job, Matt…sorry you lost but great fight.