Rubber Guard Police pt.2

The rubber guard cops are on the beat again. I’m starting a new division, The RGPD. Keeping the streets safe from the gi since 2008 =)

Tell me what this bloke did incorrectly. Hint: one of his mistakes was something Aoki did in one of his fights too.


Mission Control to Omo Plata:

11 responses to “Rubber Guard Police pt.2”

  1. Jerad says:

    He cleared the head with his left hand instead of his right elbow/forearm

  2. James Chow says:

    He also called it Mission Control when it was New York!

    He did an odd clearing of the head, using his left hand and keeping his hand on his foot.

  3. cameron says:

    he did not hug the knee

  4. Dave says:

    He’s wearing shorts with pockets on them, which is dangerous if a foot or finger gets caught in there.

    Also, he needs to shave his head. It’s time, dude. They’re pulling up the drawbridge.

  5. vladimir says:

    His clear neck move is wrong.

    and he didn’t hug knee

    that make some space to his opponent can escape

  6. Wolverine says:

    Aside from not properly clearing the neck, he didn’t do the kung fu move correctly. His opponent seemed to turn to jiu claw on his own rather than him ussing the power of his arm and leg to turn himself.

  7. Raul Ponce says:

    1. Is not from mission control, is from New York.
    2. He didn´t do kung fu move.
    3. He didn´t hug the knee, so it´s not tight and can pull out the arm right there.
    4. When he go for omaplata, there is not jiu claw there and is a lot of space between legs which is good for pull out the arm.

    but like dave says: “he needs to shave his head. It’s time, dude.”
    It looks like the most important thing to do first.

  8. PacificFlows says:

    excellent job! this will help me a lot with my kung fu move!

    also. what a revolutionary way to clear the neck! amazing!

  9. Sorry to use your comment board for this, but is there a 10thPlanet Jui-Jitsu school in South Forida? Possibly in the Miami area?

  10. Alder Hampel says:


    Feel free to comment all you want. No there’s no 10th planet in Florida. For the right price there could be =) all you need is a certified instructor and some dough.

  11. Ari Bolden says:


    One of our forum members met this man recently and he said (in addition to being a BJJ brown belt) that he told her that he was an Eddie Bravo Purple belt. Brandon said he met him at Naga and asked him some questions (the guy thought that Brandon was some Texas local).

    Any truth to this? Eddie told me that he looked into joining 10th Planet but decided against it.