10th Planet Montreal


Looks like we have another affiliate school in Canada. They must be loving the free health care up there.

I think I need to jump on the bandwagon with the affiliate thing. if Anybody wants to open a 10th Planet gym in Japan, I’ll gladly teach 😉

4 responses to “10th Planet Montreal”

  1. Ari Bolden says:

    Alder…come up to Victoria and teach with me 😉 I love the fact that that ad had all gi pics in it 😉

  2. Casey says:

    Man I’d be in Canada if I had the money, and the tolerance for cold weather. You do have to love the gi pics being used, nice sense of humor and irony.

  3. Alder Hampel says:

    lol I’m down to come up. ari, as long as there’s a big japanese population 😉

    Can anybody translate Canadian? I have no idea what they’re saying in this video.