Matt Horwich Talks Rubber Guard And UFC Debut

8 Responses to “Matt Horwich Talks Rubber Guard And UFC Debut”

  1. Carlos says:

    lmao im sory people but this guy is a douche. listen to the way he talks. stack off the crack horwich. fucking douche bag. plus ur rubber guard sucks. i gaurantee you any blue belt under eddie could have finished that fight after u got him in mission control. go trin with eddie u stupid fuck

  2. Wolverine says:

    Hey Carlos, show some respect. Matt has made it a long way in the MMA game, he is in the UFC and is the former IFL Champ. Attacking the way he talks is totally uncalled for. The fact that he hasn’t trained with Eddie yet, but is attempting rubber guard shows the guy is open minded and trying to learn his stuff. If he hadn’t had the rubber guard skills that he does have he would have taken a lot more damage in that fight. Best of luck to Matt in the future, I’m sure we will see him in the UFC again.

  3. Alder Hampel says:

    Matt has come down several times to train at 10th Planet. I’ve also rolled with him up at Team Quest Portland. He’s a very tough roll. I agree however that his rubber guard wasn’t as tight as it could have been in this fight. Hopefully he learned a lot from this experience, and comes back strong.

  4. JamesArk says:

    Anyone who can pull off a Rubix Cube in an MMA fight earns my eternal respect.