RGPD calling all cars, calling all cars: Tangled Up Control

I found this on the youtubez randomly. Looks like some crazy stuff. I think Wolverine and his “Puppet Master” might have some competition. Do we have the next double bagger control, or is this stuff about as effective as a 480 Jump spinning heel kick? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

24 Responses to “RGPD calling all cars, calling all cars: Tangled Up Control”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    It could work, I’ll never know, I don’t get the oppertunity to grapple with too many dead people.

    *he does have good flexibity though.

  2. JamesArk says:

    Not too sure about this one. Until you have it fully secured it looks to be a little loose, especially right after you slide your foot under your opponent’s armpit using the meat hook – I dunno if just holding your foot would be enough to keep him from pulling his arm free and landing back in your full guard.

    Shows a lot of promise though, especially if your opponent is great at defending triangles. Would like to see it used in live rolling.

  3. Alder Hampel says:

    There’s a lot of new moves coming out off hooking the far arm with the foot. Not that I don’t believe that it’s possible, but I haven’t ever done it, and I’ve never seen it done live.

    Anybody getting this kind of stuff regularly in live sparring? I need answers!!!

  4. Matthias says:

    I think this will work for Jerome Basilio and the likes.

    Watching part two now.

  5. Dave says:

    Jerome and Sean do this sort of thing regularly, but it’s hard to do for the rest of us that don’t have 10 yard legs made of jelly. Still looks cool and worth trying…

  6. Dave says:

    OK I just tried this on my brother, and it didn’t work at all. Then again, it’s worth mentioning that he doesn’t know what jiu-jitsu is and he verbally submitted when I broke him down.

  7. Raul Ponce says:

    After a month of puppet master drilling finally it works a little more for me on. This shit looks cool, who knows, maybe next month…

  8. Casey says:

    The Rubik’s Cube, Sanitarium and any other variations of trapping the arm with the far side foot have worked for me in sparring. Granted, I’ve got decent flexibility and really long limbs but with practice I think that these moves are definitely plausible.

  9. Jeff Barney says:

    Looks pretty cool. I’m putting it on a dvd so I can watch it at the gym and try it out. I’m going to upload Puppet Master Part 5 right now, and part 6 is fairly similar to this guys stuff.

  10. JamesArk says:

    “Looks pretty cool. I’m putting it on a dvd so I can watch it at the gym and try it out. I’m going to upload Puppet Master Part 5 right now, and part 6 is fairly similar to this guys stuff.


  11. Casey says:

    Awesome, thanks Jeff!

  12. I used this last night when the dude got KOed from my flying twister. it was totally sick! First I got in my D&D outfit, snuck up on him like ninja, did a flying Twister, hit the ground with his head first and while he was out I did the swim move from ‘tangled up’!
    pppssshhh my great grandma can do this! oh yeah she’s dead. i mean i can do this on my great grandma!!!

  13. Wolverine says:

    I detect some sarcasm in Brandon’s comment. lol,

  14. Dave says:

    Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean it’s not viable, people. The spirit of jiu-jitsu resides in experimentation and innovation.

  15. Mclovin says:

    Brandon is just jealous he didnt come up with this

  16. Ari Bolden says:

    According to this, Shap did train with Eddie at Hollywood. Alder, do you remember him?


    Point is: Even we as Planeteers come up with stuff that doesn’t work sometimes. Evolution means surviving and dying. Some techs work, others don’t. In the end, we all learn.

  17. Alder Hampel says:

    Yeah he mentioned that he trained in hollywood to me. I don’t remember anybody tho.

  18. Tait says:

    I saw this today in my school. A guy watches it and showed it. My feeling was similar to some others here. A. It looks loose. A guy would have to suck pretty bad to dig his own hole like that. And B. Why not close the show earlier? He passed up the first 2 submissions that offered themselves to him. Mainly the reverse triangle under the arm for a shoulderlock/choke.
    Looks fancy, but doesnt seem practical in battle.

  19. J-Lo says:

    Y’know, the Puppetmaster and Tangled Up Control are cool looking moves, but aren’t they redunant? They are based on getting the far arm up right? Why not just take the triangle or teepee? It seems to me those moves aren’t really necessary and are more for show. It’s cool if that’s your thing, but I want to get my tap as quickly as possible.

  20. Alder Hampel says:

    I like progressive and cool looking moves, more importantly, I like practical ones. I’ve been playing around with these moves the last week. They’re fun, but getting the meathook to set them up aggravates my injury.

    Keep up the innovations gang

  21. Wolverine says:

    The Puppet Master was developed to be used against an opponent with sick triangle defense. We said this at the beginning of our first video, but haven’t really mentioned it since. If I can finish a guy with the triangle, of course that will be my first move I attempt, but if I’ve attempted the triangle on the opponent many times and he is able to defend, then shouldn’t I have another option? A lot of times I would go for the Jiu Claw and get the sweep, but then I would have to start looking for another submission, with the Puppet Master I can pretty much just choose a submission and make the guy tap because they have very little defense once they are in the position.

  22. zunk1 says:

    trying to get your foot in that armpit is a living hell, even getting meat hook sometimes is near impossible on big guys.(maybe if they are trying to punch in mma you could catch it easier) if you are a ninja and can easily do that i think you pretty much can finish a million ways as evident. but i haven’t seen many do it.

  23. Wolverine says:

    Tonight while rolling with my training partner Felipe I basically did a Carni from the Sanitarium. Never drilled it before, but it seemed to work,