Scott “Einstein” Epstein Is At Ray Longo’s This Saturday


So I get this message from Scott “Einstein” Epstein last night at 2 in the morning.

“im gonna teach at ray longos sat at 5 pm it will be 3 hours ..pump this up where ever you pump..” – Scott

Now, I could be a dick and not do shit for him cuz he’s a grease ball, or I could be a dick and just copy and paste what he wrote on my blog and make him look like a dick. 

…Either way, I’m a dick.

9 Responses to “Scott “Einstein” Epstein Is At Ray Longo’s This Saturday”

  1. Chris Herzog says:

    I like the briefs on the head lood Scott, it works for ya!

    Goodluck with the seminar!

  2. Chris Herzog says:

    errr that should be “look”.

  3. Alder Hampel says:

    scott doesn’t read the blog, talk all the shit you want. MAYBE when he’s googling himself, he’ll come across this thread, but that might take months.

  4. Alder Hampel says:

    I want a tapout doorag

  5. PacificFlows says:

    Epstien did always kind of strike me as a… well, “grease ball” would be the word. I don’t know why, and I could be totally wrong. But is he really?

  6. Alder Hampel says:

    naw grease ball is probably the wrong term. Straight shootin’ jokesmith is more like it. He’s a special guy.

  7. PacificFlows says:

    well seeing as i don’t know the guy, i see how i could be wrong. i hope he doens’t take it personally. would hate to have to tap to someone who googles themself.