Alder Interviews Scott “Einstein” Epstein pt.2

I continue my duty as a respectable journalist. This is part 2 of the Einstein interview trilogy.

9 Responses to “Alder Interviews Scott “Einstein” Epstein pt.2”

  1. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Alder you are an awesome straight man. Thanks for doing these.

    Hey, off topic again but since there is no official forum, can I ask if there is any video of an arm triangle from the half guard (you having the other guy in half guard applying the choke). I thought I saw Einstein try that on the Japanese cat that came to visit and spar Eddie in the Rubber Guard DVDs?

    Thanks again.

  2. Alder Hampel says:

    Erik, There’s footage of eddie doing it to me on the video I posted of me and him rolling. The set up is called the “Atlas” I believe.

  3. Wolverine says:

    I thought it was called the Apollo Coach,

  4. Alder Hampel says:

    I stand corrected, it’s all greek to me

  5. Ari Bolden says:

    We actually have a thread about it on our forum. We use the submissions 101 forum for 10th Planet questions and answers (Alder, Brandon, Frank and myself post there as well as John):

    Here is the thread:The Apollo Sweep: Help Finishing it.

  6. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Alder, Wolverine, Ari…THANK YOU! One of my students has a great lockdown and aside from the Electric Chair I wanted to give him another weapon from the half guard. Of course it will help me, too :)

    Aside from a couple privates with Brent in Hollywood I am pretty much self taught. I am an avid study, though, as I’ve watched the DVDs and read the books over and over as I train with coworkers (in our gym) whom I teach as I learn. We actually have some pretty good players, too, which is shocking too me since I taught them.

    tTe 10th Planet System (and the people I have met thus far) are awesome. I went from having an OK guillotine choke from a little bit of (subpar?) training years ago to submitting much bigger guys (and even more experienced gi players) with gogos from the mount, teepee chokes, the Doerskin, Omoplata, the Electric Chair, and the list goes on. The rubber guard, the lockdown, and the wicked mount attacks amongst others are tough for even experience bjj guys since it is so new to them! No outside guys talk crap about 10th Planet after they spar me :) It is an awesome system… and I thank you all for making it even better!

    Happy Holidays,


    PS: Wolverine, my buddy and I were working on the Puppet Master today…I’ll let you know if I get a sub from it!

  7. e=mc2 says:

    arm triangle from half guard is not high % .i have done it but it has failed alot..

  8. Erik Wahlberg says:

    Thanks, Einstein!

    Yeah, I could feel the lack of leverage (I tried it last week). It’s just that my buddy (and I guess myself to some degree) have a solid lockdown so we were looking for another submission other than the Electric Chair (which lucky works pretty well against people who have never seen the move).

    Thanks again for taking the time. Continued success dude.