RGPD – Rate My Rubber Guard *hot or not edition*

1 – weeeeak sauce
2 – blah
3 – s’ight, I guess
4 – that’s tight
5 – watch out eddie bravo, there’s a new sheriff in town

Explain you answers, somebody might learn something.

15 responses to “RGPD – Rate My Rubber Guard *hot or not edition*”

  1. Erik says:

    Not hot at all, loose, incorrect grips, totally unconvincing.

    1 – weak sauce


  2. Chris Herzog says:

    1 – The downside of You Tube, everyone with a camera feels they have a need to post somthing.

  3. Lazy Jits says:

    I think David Carradine has a better Kung-fu move than that…

  4. JayC says:

    Aw, be nice. I’ve already told them it’s completely wrong, they’ve even asked me to go down to Birmingham to tell them how to properly.

  5. Dave says:

    It’s a 2. At least he’s got the general concepts down, it’s just details he’s f’ing up.

    Does anyone else have success with clearing the neck like that? I don’t want to shit on it because I’ve never tried that, but I would think if he tucked up real nice you’d have no way to go under like that…

  6. Noah says:

    ha yeah the grip in chill dog is wrong but he has the basic concepts. just evidently has been learning off of you tube from the WRONG sources that are posted there other than 10th Planet guys

  7. Matthias says:


    Explanation: It’s just wrong!

  8. Kim says:

    2- basic moves are ok but… not very tight, too sloppy- the grip on chill dog is wrong and the transition to it is bad, the kung-fu move is weak too

  9. Alder says:

    I’ll let everything slide until kung fu move. This is usually the hardest part for my students, and sometimes peers (you know who you are). It’s an unnatural move, and hard for people that have shit flexibility.

    On a side, sorry to everybody I haven’t gotten back to recently. I’m in the middle of finishing up finals projects and finals at school right now. =)

  10. carlos says:

    alright first of all. he needs to work on his flexibility
    he shud have been able to go right to mission control after breaking the posture but he had to squirm.

    the clearing the neck looked a little weird but im not going to critize it because i have never tried it. it looksl ike a good idea though but i have never seen it and according to mastering the rubber guard that isn’t the correct way so he needs to work on tht

    grips are wrong!!

    and that kung fu move was horrible . it was like a down syndrome kid trying to do the kung fu move. horible.

    in other words the only thing he did ‘correct’ was mission control which was very loose and the zombie but it didn’t look like he was completely hugging his knee. so i think this is a 1

    ( i think giving this a one is being nice)

  11. Raul Ponce says:

    Well, of course i´m no one to say nothing to anyone but my point is:

    If there is some famous mma fighter doing that we´ll be telling: “oh great job man, he´s part of the evolution”, but if he is a nobody, everyone crucifix him like: ” you sucks man, your grips are wrong (and of course they are), you are not tight at all, get a life”

    Ain´t saying that he´s doing right, obviously he needs to drill a lot, like me or anybody who has not the opportunity to be close of a 10thpjj academy, and i know that there is no right to share his lack of technique with everybody, and i understand that if some people saw this shit maybe get a very wrong idea of the 10th planet stuff.

    But take a break people, at least he´s doing the effort, right?

    Oh, by the way, i give him a 1: weeeeak sauce… i mean, his fucking chill dog just sucks!!!


  12. JayC says:

    They have a new version on their profile

  13. Twist 1 Up says:

    I love how this site is single handedly responsible for many youtube videos being deleted lol.