RGPD: Twister Counter with Keith Owen

How about this one fellas? Thanks to Dan Hunt for finding this one.

13 Responses to “RGPD: Twister Counter with Keith Owen”

  1. Josh says:

    That might be fine if you’re fast enough to grab the head and your opponent keeps a loose hold on your leg while going for The Twister.

  2. Chris Herzog says:

    I love when people come up with counters: 1) when their partner can’t do the attack correctly 2) when they don’t know the attacks properly themselves.
    Its like trying new techniques on white belts and saying, look at this new great technique I created, its tried and tested. (yeah on people that don’t know wtf they are doing)

    1) The grapvine is horrible, needs to be stretched and ankle to ankle.

    2) PLEASE WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND MY HEAD!! all your doing is helping me finish the twister.

    3) On the freak chance that you couldn’t finish it, get over/unders and take the back.

  3. Raul Ponce says:

    Someboby twist him please, maybe he can learn something…

  4. mmaembrace says:

    Agree with Chris wholeheartedly. It’s a fucking embarrassment, but anyone who read the review of his first dvd would not be surprised:


  5. Hey Alder,

    I’m disappointed I havent made it into 10th Planet yet. I’ve been out of commission due to a cauliflower-ear procedure.

    I get some stitches out on Monday and maybe I’ll be training after Christmas. Hope to catch you then.

    We Roll


  6. Kyle Youngman says:

    ha I thought it got a little awkward when he said “so we can do this looking right at the camera”.

  7. Crazy Joe says:

    that has got to be the worst grapevine i have ever seen.

  8. E=mc2 says:

    why the hell would you post this shit..im gonna assrape you with pats dick.

  9. Dave says:

    Who told Epstein about the blog?

  10. Alder Hampel says:

    He found it googling himself

  11. Erik Wahlberg says:

    What about posting his other “counters” (vs New York and Chill Dog?) They look pretty weak to me and yes the partner does more than a few things wrong but I’d like to read what you guys have to say.

    At the very least it would be entertaining :) Actually…that’s probably all it would be ;)

  12. mike velotta says:

    once again, i agree with the ass raping comment.. lol.
    wtf is that guy with the “grapevine” doing? it isnt a grapevine at all. it looks more like he’s playing footsies.. i don’t know, just my opinion.

  13. drog says:

    The major flaw I saw was no baseball bat control. You have to control the guy.