RGPD: Passing the Chill Dawg Chong Escape pt. 2

5 Responses to “RGPD: Passing the Chill Dawg Chong Escape pt. 2”

  1. JayC says:

    The omoplata is there for the taking. Any guy who uses the Rubber Guard well is not gonna be chilling for that long, and if he see’s you trying to pass he’ll immediately go for Kung Fu Move.

  2. JayC says:

    Or Invisible Collar when you put your hand on his other knee.

  3. mike velotta says:

    does this guy seriously think someone who plays rubber guard will just chill in chill dog? i mean come on, has he ever even rolled with ANYONE who knows the system?

  4. Chris Herzog says:

    ugh. At least these guys are consistant….. at not having a clue as to what they are “defending”.

  5. Flynn says:

    thats why CRACK HEAD CONTROL foo. as soon as you feel him try to pass on your righ leg. the omoplata gogoplata is already there. sick pass anywayz