Alder and Brent’s EA San Mateo Seminar


Brent C.U.O. and myself, The Coach Alder, recently made the trek up to San Mateo, California to teach a VERY exclusive dual instructor, 10 student capacity, private seminar. The event took place at the worlds famous EA games campus near San Francisco. We were greeted by a very enthusiastic and friendly, Mr. Erik Wahlberg and Mr. Constantine. The first 2 hours of the seminar we covered in depth, the lockdown/half guard game. We then broke for and hour for lunch. When we came back, we covered in detail, the path of the Rubber Guard, and the Pyramid position.

I would like to thank our gracious host Erik, all his hard work organizing and  for having us up. Thank you to all the students who attended, their dedication to learning was a delight. It was in my eyes, an overwhelming success. We very much look forward to coming up again soon. Teaching seminars is a wonderful and rewarding experience, and I would love to continue it for as long as it is possible.

Between instructing at 10th Planet Burbank, The Grappling Team @ California State University Northridge, 10th Planet Hollywood, Fitness Unlimited and doing seminars, I consider myself a very blessed Individual. I’m surrounded by amazing people and absolutely love doing what it is that I do. I’d like to give Eddie Bravo the worlds biggest shout out right now. Without him and his system, none of this would have been possible me. Eddie is not only an innovator and a genius, but he is a very loyal and generous man as well. I’m proud to be a part of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu phenomenon. 

"Coach" Alder Hampel
“Coach” Alder Hampel - 10th Planet 4 Life!

5 Responses to “Alder and Brent’s EA San Mateo Seminar”

  1. Erik Wahlberg says:

    It was a blast, Coach, and an honor!

    I sent you an email so I won’t repeat myself, but I’d like to say (to the forum) that the small-group, hands-on seminar was a dream. It was well executed and very helpful to me and my friends. Thanks so much to both of you for everything.

    We will definitely be having you back sometime in the future, and I look forward to that!

    Next time I fly down to train with Brent I’ll let you know so we can grab a coffee or just roll a bit.

    Continued Success!

    Erik Wahlberg

  2. Debacle says:

    F’n congrats! “Movin on uh- hup”
    Too bad you all couldn’t hear me sing that… i’d have to charge you tho, its in my agent’s contract.

  3. You know that was a great article. I think I’ll write a blog post and link to it.

  4. Too cool! Bookmarking your blog and am going to start working through the archives as soon as I get time. Glad there’s someone out there writing about this with your attitude and honesty.