BJ Penn Talks Rubber Guard!

BJ Penn talks about the Rubber Guard. Big ups the to the Champ giving love to the system.

15 responses to “BJ Penn Talks Rubber Guard!”

  1. Debacle says:

    Honestly! I’ve alwaysed believed if BJ mastered 10p. It would be game over. As soon as this k-y shit gets under control, sweats bad enough.

  2. Howard says:

    BJ is dope – would have worked it GSP wasn’t greased. Maybe we can see in action in the THIRD fight. RGPD get ready.

  3. GSP says:

    Hello guys. GSP here. Regarding the Vaseline, my French Canadian epidermis became very ashy on fight night. Don’t blame me; blame the arid environment of Las Vegas. Also, I am afraid of BJ Penn’s Rubber Guard.

  4. Dave says:

    Yeah, it would totally have worked if GSP wasn’t greased. If GSP didn’t have that dime-sized dollop of vaseline on his back, he wouldn’t have been 20 pounds heavier, about two times stronger, and technically superior. Rubber guard is very very easy to pull off on world class grapplers, so long as they are not greased up.

    I know because I am a world class grappler and I get caught with it all the damn time.

  5. Debacle says:

    Dave, of all your attributes, your humility stands alone as your best. Probably as world class as your grappling. jus playin;)
    But seriously, I know they’re fixin to have this shit on lockdown in th UFC, but its still gonna happen everywhere else. So, what happens when you counter with a super absorbant substance,like what they put in diapers and maxi pads to absorb any lubricant(vasaline or even sweat). If he’s not greased and your “absorbant” then your cheating. Or! you coud have your shorts, knee, and ankle guards made from shamwow, tha spaceage superabsorbant microfiber.

    Just fuckin fight.

  6. Imposter says:

    ShamWow is awesome.

  7. john says:

    The tenth planet system can be very effective but to say it is superior is just a matter of opinion! Bj Penn is not a jiu jitsu God because of 10pjj its from “tradional” jiu jitsu and dedication. He loves the gi and believes that it makes you a more technical fighter. And dave the “world class grappler” who cares if u get caught it rubber guard! What does that even mean. World class grapplers get caught in the most basic moves everyday like triangles n armbars not all this fancy shmancy stuff. Knowing the basics is ur best asset! The only reason eddie bravo is as good as he is is because he is a black belt(with the gi) from jean jacques machado! If he didn’t have that, billion dollars say he wouldn’t of come up with his own system or variations. And the reason he even prefers to do thus half guard and rubber guard stuff is because he even says himself that he has always felt like his legs were never long enough and he didn’t feel comfortable in full guard. That why there are variations of the same moves! To fit people according to their size n comfort! Look at all the top jiu jitsu players they ALL have black belts! And just because royler lost to him doesn’t mean anything! The top bjj guys r bound to lose sometime! And btw eddie didn’t even develop 10pjj later on in his career(not before the royler gracie fight)! Rubber guard or zig zag guard or octopus guard or x guard or spider guard or high guard are all different variations of the regular guard they all can have great success it just matters who u are fighting and what predicament u find urself in. There’s no way to say one is necessarily better than the other.It all depends on what u find more comfortable or effective for u! And just for ur guys information the reason u don’t see any royce gracie jiu jitsu domination like we did in the 90s is because everyone trains in bjj and so they know how to escape submissions and how to counter sweeps n everything. But heck yeah there are still a lot of sick bjj players out there u just gotta remember they r fighting fire with fire so its gonna look like they r not doing that well!