Eddie Bravo On Life.

6 Responses to “Eddie Bravo On Life.”

  1. Dave says:

    Um, who is filming this clip? The driver?

  2. Jesus aka son of God says:

    Dude guys, you think the weed you got in cali is good, just wait till you get to hell, the devil and me are constantly burning up, its a fuckin party down here! shh don’t tell my dad… he wouldn’t take to kindly to that sort of thing…

  3. The Qur'ganj says:

    There is but one God, ganj, and Eddie is his prophet.

  4. Buddha says:

    Jesus, my man. I´m in hell to party this weekend. So, please you call me guys!

  5. Debacle says:

    Is anyone familiar with the theory of quantum measurement or the unified super string field of consciousness?

  6. matt maclean says:

    Eddie is spot on. Fuck anyone who says drugs are evil. I smoked some killer master kush pollen hash and tried pulling my mission controll as far as I could, I was pratically hanging on for dear life. I find smoking cannabis and hashish makes me more focused on the things that mean the most to myself.