RGPD: Breaking Down Your Opponent

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  1. yoyo says:

    horrible video… 8 minutes on showing me ONE WAY to break a guys posture and how to grab mission control. Horrible horrible…

  2. Dave says:

    Brent looks weird in this video, is this old?

  3. Noah says:

    ha well first of all mission control alone doesnt define the rubber guard he needed to get to New york.

    secondly you dont go back to head on with your opponent you hug the knee on an angle.

  4. Erik says:

    Dude, Alder, when you post things under the tag of RGPD you know you’re just setting everyone up to flame these fuckers. Use your powers wisely, Padawan.

  5. Erik says:

    Hey, Alder, this is random, but I just watched that Ruski movie, Night Watch, and the protagonist looks exactly like you.

    His name is Konstantin Khabenskiy, google him.

  6. Debacle says:

    I thought this guy showed good fundamentals. This guy teaches everything he knows, including rubberguard. He’s got an entire video dedicated to the darce as well, its pretty slick. He’s professional and thorough and not deserving any retribution from the RGPD. . All judgements are final. He’s free to go.

  7. Dan Hunt says:

    ^ Yes, and no. I don’t care to bag on guys too much, but, I’ve seen tighter versions of mission control. This version is just as loose as the one we bagged on where the guy was complaining that people kept slipping out. In that situation, everyone maimed the guy for having a loose right knee, and no leg clinch. Well, to this I reply, look at this video in question.

    That being said, who cares? Good try. If I put up videos of anything, they’d get bagged on by people for me doing last week’s version that is now passe.

  8. Ari Bolden says:

    Dan last point is dead on. In an effort to evolve the system, new stuff is being played around with all the time. There is a misconception by some that OLD school 10th Planet is ‘passe’ and the newer stuff is ‘better.’

    The FACT is:whatever works for you the best is the BEST for you. Is the old school RG stuff crap? Hell no. I have an article on the Double Bagger that you guys might find applicable (old vs new school).


  9. 1)DEBACLE….dont be duped on the DVD man.

    2)I love the system spreading! It is what we want right? None of us are perfect let alone a black belt in the system. As the system spreads we will get people who cant do it perfect either. As for people who can’t correctly demo moves and claim it’s from a style i.e. x-guard, rubber guard, twister, dlr, etc…that i dont agree with but it is needed for us (10PJJ) we are going against the grain of traditionalism and need the help of other practitioners to push it as well.
    3)I am commenting here but…I see these vids daily of other people doing the system i train in and do it incorrectly. 99% of the time I choose to bite my tongue and accept it as ‘casualties of war’ but it does down right frustrate me.
    4) imagine how Eddie feels…

  10. Richard Whirley says:

    Don’t hate, appreciate.

  11. Debacle says:

    Brandon. Thanks for the heads up, saw it on youtube. But there’s no denying that this cat is thorough, hundreds of videos. He also never got into maintaining mission control, just achieving it. Videos by 10P instructors are the textbook and this guys got the pamphlets, doesn’t make him wrong, just unspecialized.
    The fact is there is no way to teach jiu jitsu without the rubber guard now(if your not delussional). Bravo Eddie.

  12. Noah says:

    I dont really view the RGPD as just banging on people for doin the system wrong.

    I think its a useful tool to test your knowledge to see if you can spot the problem.

    Thusly making you a better jiu-jitsu player by allowing you to see what not to do.

    Nothing pumps me up more than seeing that everyone is trying to use the system now in some way shape or form.

  13. alder says:

    Erik, I just post the vids up. I appreciate your opinions on here, you promote thought provoking conversations and are not afraid to go against the grain.

    It’s our job on 10th Planet Watch to keep an open mind and grade these video’s up or down. Sometimes I’m here to clown, but not always. Just cuz he’s not a 10th planet guy doesn’t mean he can’t have good technique. Instead of criticizing me for posting the vid and inciting my witch hunts, tell us what he did right or that his technique looked good. I promise I won’t turn my minions loose on you.


  14. I don’t know how some people took my comment. but basically all I was saying is..its good for the system to have it spread, even if it is poorly done. its like advertising…if seen everywhere…everyone knows about it.

    but lets get real. we know there are many things to be said about people but we keep our mouth shut for politics. I am sure there are people who dont like me or what i do either, whether it has to do with my instruction, youtubes, website, new 10PJJ tournaments, DVDs, sponsors or personality. but hey its just a day in the game right?

  15. Reggie says:

    uh ohh….theyre turning you guys against each other! stop the madness!

  16. aint nobody turn against each other dude:) lol
    we are talking about people OUTSIDE the system

  17. Noah Karbach says:

    well put Brandon.

  18. Debacle says:

    Brandon, I truly just appreciate the fact that you respond genuinly. All of the badasses that trained under the the savant Eddie, and of course Eddie himself, are definately my main instuctors even though ive never met you. One day i will make my pilgramage to my Meccas. As many 10th P studios as i can manage.
    Keep postin, I get you.

  19. Twist 1 Up says:

    Richard Whirley is a great guy and trains hard….no doubt things could be a bit tighter but I agree with Brandon….you got to get ther system out there and get people working it or it will never grow to its fullest potential. Plus georgia does not have the 10th planet fan base like other areas does, and any promotion of the system in this area is welcomed by me.