RGPD: MMAUniversity – Sneaky Dog

Rubber Guard Police, you know what time it is. Yay or nay.

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  1. Ari Bolden says:

    Hmmm…I like this video: the whip up…they actually have the BOOK open of to the right on whip up page ;-(


  2. I’ll have to try it out to see if it will work live.

    I have been doing something similar that has been working. You can check it out here:




  3. Debacle says:

    The main question at hand is “why?”. Many instructors who have gallons of nut sweat dedicated to 10p have shown this technique far better. So, just because you learn the basics of the move with your friend… you go straight to youtube. If you were just havin a good time thats cool. But, you were trying to instruct. With what credentials? So for me… you come across more than a little douchebaggy.

  4. Quatoof says:

    Did you just re-name a basic armbar the “Sneaky Dog?” That’s pretty sneaky dog.

  5. yo dog where you at!? boost mobile!!!!! WHERE YOU AT DOG?!

  6. Kim says:

    Quatoof and Debacle sum it up

  7. Chris Herzog says:

    LOL nice catch Ari!

  8. Kevin says:

    Hey Chris, Ive got a question… im a bit confused with the goal of each position of the rubber guard. I know the basic path, but there are many submissions from each of these positions. Should you always try to work all the way to jiu claw? and when should you try for the submissions earlier in the basic path such as the east coast croc from new york, or the straight jacket?

    Thanks A Lot!

  9. Erik says:

    I’ve got audio off so I can’t hear these dudes talk, but they’re definitely showing a Croc from Chill Dog… why the fuck would you rename that? Stop with the fucking names! Even Eddie knows the names are overboard, like all the ones he had to make up specifically for the book!

  10. Chris Herzog says:

    Kevin, to simplify it, I think of it as a hallway (the main path) with many doors, if someone closes a door on you, you open another. I always try to walk straight down the hallway but will take the detours when presented.

    I.e. they are preventing my zombie from working, I’ll move to the meat hook to triangle. Force them to make a decsion which one they are going to defend than take the options that are open.

    I hope that helps.

  11. Ari Bolden says:


    Not that I am defending the video (or ripping into it) but….Brandon Quick has a video called the Sneaky Dog (I suspect this is where they picked up their video from). The Sneaky Dog is different than the Croc actually. Here is Brandon Quick’s Sneaky Dog:

    The Sneaky Dog is ‘faster’ than the Croc (where you take the time to lock out the shoulder and such).

    Debacle: I like how you put it ;-)

  12. Panchito Manuelo says:

    Totally agree with debacle. You are the man. =)

  13. Kevin says:

    alright, thanks Chris, its all becoming more and more clear to me

  14. sarice1974 says:

    Is this not pretty much an East Coast Croc but from Chill Dog? I usually try The Invisible Collar first then will go on to something else.

  15. Wolverine says:

    Thanks Ari,
    I thought there was a move called the Sneaky Dog, actually used it rolling last week, but I’m not going to rip it off and put a video of it up on Youtube like some people. I can see if you come up with something somewhat original and put it up to see what people think of it, but why put up 10th Planet moves that have already been demonstrated by actual 10th Planet Instructors? The thing that really blows my mind is that they put up the 10th Planet logo at the beginning of their video to try and pass themselves off as an affiliate or something.

  16. Dan Hunt says:

    I think you guys are being dicks to these guys. When people don’t give credit to wherever it was they learned the move, people lay into them. If they go out of their way to clarify that it isn’t their own stuff, and that it originated within the 10th Planet system, you lay into them.

    Sure, you can see a 10th Planet instructor show this, or any number of other moves all over the net, but this wasn’t like the other videos we rip all the time. This move should actually work.

    Anyway, anyone who has ever taught anything (jitsu or otherwise) knows that teaching while drilling can hone your skills exponentially quicker than just drilling alone. Maybe they have no one to teach, and this was a little less gay than talking to a mirror.

  17. Debacle says:

    Dan. I agree with you. Make tha vid. But why post a vid on youtube of a move that you learned on youtube? I think its ego centered. Example. Ive played with Wolverine’s puppet master and love it. Its advanced, its controling, it looks cool as shit! Ive even filmed myself while dictating. But thats stayin in tha file with tha pornos of my girlfriend. Only select people will see them, me and maybe my mom. Anyway, its not innovative and its sole purpose is to try and get those two cats either laid or paid. And im not hate’n them for that… Well,yeah i am.

  18. Debacle says:

    I also believe that a lot of these dudes are tryin to rip off “Submissions 101″ by doing exactly what they saw on Submissions 101. Ari.. you trend setter. Its kinda like a cover band in tha form of a jiu jitsu website. So not to point fingers, 10th Planet instructors- you know who you are, your inspiration has created a habitat of online jj videos that has to be controlled by the RGPD. A bunch of self appionted 10p experts( im a 420th degree blackbelt under Eddie himself, Im pretty sure im the only one). My point is sure, its harmless, post a vid, but if it makes it to this website, which I truly believe in! I know im not alone feelin a responsability to do my duty at my self-appointed position in the RPGD. P.S.- Im an arrogent dousche. thank you

  19. Ari Bolden says:

    Some really interesting points in this ‘thread’! One of my philosophies when making videos is bringing information to the masses that wouldn’t normally know about a certain technique. I always try and give credit to guys who have made videos ‘before’ us (or are known for a certain move). Submissions 101 is in a unique position to allow the masses to see something that they haven’t run across before.Example of my upcoming wicked triangle video. Its a GREAT move and I’ve been using it for a few years now but the video on the net doesn’t have wide spread appeal.Therefore, I shot a video, taught it in my own manner, gave credit to the guys who ‘made it’ and therefore-it is a win-win situation for all.

    But on the flip side-yes, there are many videos of people doing videos of videos they have seen. I’ll leave the RG Policing to you guys…god knows I’ve been ripped apart as well my the bjj police ;-)

    The internet is strange anyways…go figure. Roll on everyone!
    With respect

  20. Ari Bolden says:

    Further point:

    Wolverine’s Puppet Master series is great and I might as well just add it to our data base (is that ok bro). I have no need to rehash that at all (I did a variation on the undefended that we played with) but I understand Debacle’s point.

    At any rate-I’d like to come visit the boys in Hollywood….anyone got a couch I can crash on ;-)?

  21. Wolverine says:

    Hey Ari, that’s way cool if you add the Puppet Master to your data base.

  22. Alder Hampel says:

    I’d put you up Ari, but I live with a chick that get’s freaked out by doods. And I live in Van Nuys, you white boys aren’t really safe.

  23. Graydon says:

    I think everybody just need to stop hating. You don’t even have any idea who these guys are, until you do just give em a break and let them do there thing

  24. Alder Hampel says:

    I’ve created quite the little witch hunt/angry mob of tenth planeteers.

    RGPD 4 life!

  25. Graydon says:

    haha Its annoying as hell when you have all these people who talk smack. It would be interesting to see them on the mats!

  26. Alder Hampel says:

    I can attest to there being some beasts on this site. I’ve rolled with quite a few.

  27. Kevin K says:

    I actually know the guy talking in this video. He use to teach at at my school in Calgary before he moved to australia for school. His name is Tim Blanchard and he’s actually a pretty cool guy. I don’t wanna sound like i’m kissing his ass but he’s also a sick grappler and a awesome fighter. I know he’s a bjj purple belt and has about 50 pro fights in mma and kickboxing….and could probably kick most of our asses.

    Also the reason why he is posting videos on youtube is because he wants to become a affiliate when he comes back to calgary and Eddie asked him too send him videos through youtube…. hence the reason why he’s putting the 10th planet logo in his clip which Eddie also asked him to do. The only reason why I know this is because he talks to the owner of my gym regularly. So I think most of you guys need to get your facts straight before you start flapping your lips!!

  28. Debacle says:

    Here i go again. This vid is kinda unique in that, yeah, tha cat is good- irrelevant. Notice i never criticized his skill or tech, its tight and clean and EXACTLY like Eddie’s and Brandon’s videos. I’m sure i’d like the guy, we are all here because we love jiu jitsu and pure black tar heroine from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. So I’m gonna go mainline and look for Ari’s new triangle vid… It’s not like we were that hard on them, dont be so sensative. Its not like i called him a chicken fucker. Just asked “why?” Then ole Kevin had the inside scoop, which we pretty much figured out anyway. Post but be prepared. I love you all.

  29. Ari Bolden says:

    Small world. Tim has actually emailed me several times about becoming a 10th Planet affiliate when he get’s back from OZ(just asking me some questions and such). I had NO IDEA who he was as I have only talked via email with him. For the record-he is super nice and is down with the system…just takes time to get everything dialed in.

    I believe the gym is Canuckles in Calgary- correct?

    We have enough room in our hearts for most people. They put in the time and the reps and really want to learn (or teach) the system-that’s cool. You gotta learn how to crawl before you can walk and learn how to walk before you can run. We often want to start off running (I know from PERSONAL trial and ERROR).

    I needed to slap myself in the face (and have others do it too) to get grounded and start slow.

    Constructive criticism is the best tool and I know that many of us are loyal to the system and want to defend it.

    I know-a bit too Buddha for some of ya ;-) but just my thoughts…

  30. Wolverine says:

    Seems like he could have saved himself a lot of grief if he had just stated that Eddie asked him to put up videos of him doing 10th Planet stuff on youtube in the video or the description. Don’t think anyone was really criticizing his technique, just wondering why he put it up, and now we know. As for the lockdown video that is also up for review by the RGPD, if those guys can really sweep someone using there “Boom” technique then they should definitely be made affiliates and promoted to black belts,

  31. Ari Bolden says:


    I actually nominated you for a black belt based on the best chops/beard on the net!


    Ari ;-)

  32. Debacle says:

    Yep. I’d probly eat dogshit if Eddie asked me to, but I would also realize anybody walking in on this situation would see me as… disturbed.
    These vids of vids are cheesey as hell, when it comes down to it. Its two singers with videos of the same song or two crews with tha same dance routine. Except they did it first.
    Like Wolve said, if you want people to know tha facts, post the facts, avoid the headache of listenin to my overly opinionated ass.

  33. Panchito Manuelo says:

    Eddie where are you…
    Light us all with your presence…

  34. rob says:

    Let me get this straight.

    Eddie and adler asks guys to put there vids on youtube, then these guys shame these guys on the net?

    please tell me I am wrong..

  35. GSF says:

    he must be on B Quicks web site 10th planet DFW same tech just done by a real legit brown belt