WTF!!! Gracie Baby Massage

11 responses to “WTF!!! Gracie Baby Massage”

  1. cupcake says:

    babbies always seem to complain about gas.

  2. pacificflows says:

    so… they raise their jiu jitsu army from birth?


  3. myk says:

    as the father of a 6 week old baby, i can testify to the importance of getting rid of excess wind. man, after 4 hours of purple faced yelling, you’ll try anything !

  4. Erik says:

    The Gracie’s know something about kids, they are masters of reproduction. BTW, what the hell is on that kid’s birth certificate?

  5. IF says:

    Or you could try good ol’ gripe water?

  6. Debacle says:

    Yeah. Im pretty fuckin jealous. Strength, flexability, a budding superiority complex, and at such a tender age. Who wouldn’t want to grow up Gracie?
    I fully intend on training and brainwashing my infant too. Seriously.

  7. Howard says:

    Need to work on that Crazy Knee Stretch and the RG.

  8. Geo Andersch says:

    As the father of a 2 year old boy I can say that Rorion has his shit down bro! LOL

    Everything in that vid is spot on!

  9. Reggie says:

    I guess my next one is going to be the BJJ wiz….sorry to the first two. 🙁

  10. Beast Ozinga says:

    I do this shit all the time before rolling. Safety first…

  11. pacificflows says:

    oh yeah? my boy pulls mission control.